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Series Introduction

With years of industrial application for PCB processing, HGLASER specializes in integrating laser marking and cutting tech into the PCB production lines. 


FPC laser cutting machines adopt high-performance cold laser source, perfectly achieving the board shape cutting, contour cutting, drilling and cover film cutting and other ultra-fine processing. PCB laser marking machines are your right choice for circuit board marking, competent to do automatic loading, unloading, positioning, marking and workstation shifting.


The equipment is mainly used in precision cutting and marking for flexible circuit boards, rigid circuit boards, rigid-flexible circuit boards .



The self-developed software can directly connecting information system of our customer. Marking input information can not only generated automatically by software, but also be received through network. It can be integrated with SMT online operation and automatic off-board workstation.

Comparing with label and printing, laser marking can record PCB information by marking serial number and barcode for quality control of electronic product. PCB Laser Marking Machines in  different types are suitable for PCB marking of large area and  irregular shape board or thin plate as well as multi-marking on one-side or multi-board in high efficiency and speed.

● High-performance CO2 / Fiber laser has high-quality laser beam, small focusing spots and well-distributed power. 
● The high-pixel CCD camera makes automatic positioning, identification and feedback reporting come true.
● Gantry structure and synchronous transmission guideways ensure the stable and precision performance.
● The function of automatic focusing and track width adjusting are designed to match up different production line.

● PCB Double-head Laser Marking Machine   LCB 10/30 C-S5 

Position Accuracy: ±0.1mm
Min. Line Width:  ≦0.1mm
Laser Source: CO2/Fiber ( optional )
Processing Area: 500mm*500mm 
Equipment Size: 1700mm*1400mm*1500mm 
Equipment Features: 
  Work offline or online by cooperating with upper and lower board equipment;
  Multi-board and multi-position marking by X/Y servo Module ;
  Front and back marking to increase work efficiency .
Application: High efficiency and speed large area PCB marking 

● Double-head Double-Station PCB Laser Marking Machine   LCB 10/30C – D5  

Position Accuracy: ±0.1mm
Min. Line Width: ≦0.12mm
Laser Source: CO2/Fiber ( optional )
Processing Area: 500mm*500mm 
Equipment Size: 2300mm*1900mm*1600mm 
Equipment Features: 
Loading and unloading simultaneously by double working station and two-way movement of upper and lower board ;Front and back marking to increase work efficiency ;No damage to PCB by adopting vacuum absorption technique ;Offline work is optional
Application: irregular shape board or thin plate marking 

Our Strengths

FPC Flexible PCB Laser Cutting Machine

Adopted with high-performance UV laser cold light source, high-precision CCD image positioning technology and self-developed visual laser control software, the FPC flexible PCB laser cutting machine of HGLASER perfectly implements contour cutting, drilling of FPC and PCB, and precision processing of composite membrane.


● Without models, one-step forming, save a lot of costs;

● Precision two-dimensional worktable and full closed-loop CNC system ensure the high precision of micron dimension;

● Position sensor and CCD image positioning technology;

● Automatic positioning and focusing system produce high efficiency.


FPC Laser Cutting Machines are used for processing of FPC, PCB, rigid-flex board, FR4 and cover film ,etc.

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