Company Introduction

HGTECH Co.,Ltd is one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China.  (Stock code: 000988)

HGTECH is a national key high-tech enterprise, possessing technology centers and provincial key laboratories. Relying on the National Engineering Research Center for Laser Processing, National Key Laboratory for Laser Technology and Exhibition Center for Laser Technology Processing, HGLASER undertakes national key projects and scientific research projects.

HGTECH Group possesses HGLASER and FARLEYLASERLAB two famous brands. HGLASER has always been committed to providing broad and comprehensive laser manufacturing solutions in industrial manufacturing field, researching, manufacturing and selling various laser processing and plasma machining equipments, providing tube laser cutting processing and oil pipeline trade services. The main products of HGLASER cover the full power series of laser cutting systems, laser welding systems, laser marking series, laser texturing equipments, laser heat treatment systems, laser drilling machines, laser devices, all kinds of support devices, laser processing and plasma machining equipments, which are used widely in metallurgy, non-ferrous metals, automobiles, parts, aviation, military, precision instruments, machine manufacturing, hardware, integrated circuits, semiconductor manufacturing, solar, education, communication and measurement, packaging, leathers, plastics, rubbers, jewelries, crafts, medical equipments, etc.


  • 40%

    Adhere to “Customer First” and “Market Orientation”, HGLASER has more than 40% market sales and service personnel. At present, HGLASER has established a perfect market service system. More than 40 offices are distributed in main center cities, so as to get close to the users and extend the services.

  • No.1

    China's first laser-based high-tech listed companies
    Breakthrough won the "National Science and Technology Progress First Prize"
    Contributing to China's Smart 2025

  • 49+

    49 years of research and development and application of laser technology

Automobile welding production line
Automobile welding production line
High Precision Laser Machine Line
Automobile welding production line
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