Economical 1KW-3kW

TUBE Series

Economical 1KW-3kW
Economical 1KW-3kW
Economical 1KW-3kW
Economical 1KW-3kW
Economical 1KW-3kW
The fast-speed full automatic CNC tube laser cutting machine of FARLEY•LASERLAB can cut circle tubes, rectangular tubes and other irregular-shaped tubes. The new tube laser processing production line not only implements automatic production, but also breaks through the limitation of plane cutting. Achieved multi-dimensional cutting, it is the optimal choice for metal tube laser cutting. HGLaser's TP series fiber laser technology utilizes a highly innovative resonator to automatically and precisely adjust the diameter of the laser beam. This unique feature enables continuous processing of thin-to-thick materials by a single machine with no lens change or additional setup required....

Product Data

Refined bed


  • Welding, heat treatment, rough machining, finishing, and painting are used to create the bed
  • The machine's longitudinal feed accuracy is ensured by a rack and pinion drive
  • A lifting device is included with the bed. The corresponding lifting frame will be raised when the tube needs to be lifted, and if X-axis moves, the corresponding frame near the X-axis will automatically fall down to avoid interference



Refined chuck


  • The chuck of the central frame acts as a support for the pipe movement while maintaining synchronous rotation.
  • When clamping thin-walled pipes, the chuck clamping force can be adjusted to prevent damage, allowing for the thinnest 0.6mm tube clamping
  • Automatic centering and measuring: To ensure high precision cutting and processing of products, achieving mechanical automatic centering and measuring


Automatic loading


  • The machine automatically sorts, measures and transports the tubes directly under the cutting head
  • Maximum cross section of single tube Φ219mm
  • Single tube weight 150KG
  • Modular design, servo drive, independent control system
  • Suitable for tubes with axisymmetric cross section



TUBE 6015


The best for small pipe processing



Servo Motor


Processing Pipe Diameter


Loading Type


Applicable Materials

Carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum alloy

Max. Feeding Length of Pipe


Max. Blanking Length of Pipe


Max. Weight of Single Pipe


Laser Power


Cutting Head


Volume of

Machine Tool


Protective Cover of Machine Tool

fully sheathed


delicate, simple and economical

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