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Breakdown Maintenance of Laser Marking Machine

1. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Open the key switch, no response.

Reason Analysis:
1) No power or phase loss;
2) The air switch is not closed;
3) The emergency switch is pressed.

Handling Method:
1) Restore the power;
2) Close the air switch;
3) Back-out the emergency switch.    
2.Breakdown Phenomenon:
Cannot achieve anticipated marking depth

Reason Analysis:
1) The marking object is not on focus surface;
2) The F-θ lens is polluted;
3) Wrong software parameters;
4) Software output exception.

Handling Method:
1) Adjust the focus;
2) Clean F-θ lens;
3) Readjust the parameters;
4) Restart the software.

3. Breakdown Phenomenon:
When open software, it pops up “Unable to find a control card,……”

Reason Analysis:
1) No power in control;
2) The USB cable is loose;
3) The card driver is not installed;
4) The USB control card damage.

Handling Method:
1) Check if the key switch is open and switching power supply is no-output;
2) Check the USB cable;
3) Reinstall the card driver;
4) Replace the control card.    
4. Breakdown Phenomenon:
No laser output

Reason Analysis:
1) Check the software setting is normal or not;
2) Check the power key is open or not;
3) Check the red light on USB control card is flashing or not;
4) Internal error of laser power supply or laser device. 

Handling Method:
1) Check the software settings;
2) Open the power key;
3) Check the USB control card connection is firm or not;
4) Please contact with our technical staffs.

5.Breakdown Phenomenon:
Graphic or text marking distortion

Reason analysis:
1) No correction of software, or loss of data;
2) Wrong power supply of galvanometer power;
3) Signal interference;
4) The control card has problems;
5) The galvanometer fault.

Handling Method:
1) Adjust the parameters;
2) Adjust or replace the switching power supply voltage;
3) Check if the ground connection is reliable or not, signal line is poor contact or not;
4) Replace the control card;
5) Replace the galvanometer.     

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