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What should operators notice during use?

1)Operators must attend professional training and get permission of security administrator before operating;
2)Operators must wear protective goggles and protective clothing. Good light in wearing protective goggles area ensures smooth operation. There must be processing rooms, protective fences and safety devices to avoid laser diffusion. When the door of processing room is open, please turn off laser device;
3)Read carefully and follow strictly the operation instruction before use;
4)Maintain equipments regularly, eliminate hidden troubles in advance;
5)It is forbidden to dismantle components of external light path. If the equipment is unable to function properly because of your disassembly, HGLASER is not responsible.
6)Non-professional personnel are forbidden to dismantle devices. Please do not damage the labels and covers, or broken products have no warranty;
7)Any problems about products, please contact our after-sale maintenance personnel.