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Breakdown Maintenance of Laser Welding & Cutting Machine

1. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Press the main switch, no response.

Reason Analysis:
1) No power or phase loss;
2) The air switch is not closed;
3) The emergency switch is pressed;
4) Key switch is not open.

Handling Method:
1) Restore the power;
2) Close the air switch;
3) Back-out the emergency switch;
4) Open the key switch.

2.Breakdown Phenomenon:
No laser or weak light

Reason Analysis:
1) In the state of over-temperature and lock light;
2) The circulating cooling water is not clean;
3) The xenon lamp aging;
4) The laser pointer head face damage;
5) Position offset of all and half reflection lens;
6) All and half reflection lens are dirty;
7) The laser pointer head face is dirty.

Handling Method:
1) Shut down till the equipment temperature back to normal;
2) Replace the circulating cooling water;
3) Replace the xenon lamp;
4) Replace the laser pointer;
5) Adjust the lens (Please contact with our technical staffs);
6) Clean the lens (Please contact with our technical staffs);
7) Clean the laser pointer head face (Please contact with our technical staffs).

3. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Fault hint of water temperature on LCD display screen

Reason Analysis:
1) The water temperature beyond warning temperature;
2) The downpipe falls off;
3) The control line fault;
4) The water pump fault.

Handling Method:
1) Open laser power supply till the water temperature drops to normal;
2) Reconnect the downpipe;
3) Replace the circuit board (Please contact with our technical staffs);
4) Repair or replace the water pump (Please contact with our technical staffs).    
4. Breakdown Phenomenon:
Power turn-off of equipment

Reason Analysis:
1) The power cable is loose or fall off;
2) Overcurrent or overload protection.

Handling Method:
1) Check the wiring and connect again;
2) Adjust the current to minimum and restart the device.