Full Automatic Wafer Marking Equipment
Wafer Marking Series
For the pan semiconductor and 3C industries, it is applied to various types of identification of Si, Gan, SiC, glass and surface coating materials, and is applicable to 8-inch and above wafers.

Product Data

Product advantages:

  • Picosecond light sourceis used, good effect

          Picosecond light source is used to mark / code on the material surface, with small thermal impact and good effect

  • Marking / coding support multiple formats

          Support various formats: QRcode, dmcode, line text and other formats

  • Support information uploading

          Equipped with code reading module to support information uploading to MES system

  • High compatibility and automation

          The equipment is compatible with 8-12inch wafers, fully automatic loading and unloading

  • Automatic switch, saving labor

          Equipped with load mechanism, which can automatically open / close the wafer cassette

  • Marble base, high stability

          Marble base, stable optical path system, thus ensuring high-quality optical transmission


Sample display:

Various wafer marking diagrams

laser marking

HD S2113

Main parameters


Average output power


Pulse width


Laser wavelength

Lamp Source
Linear motor parameters
CCD positioning system
Code reading system
Motor stroke


Pixel 12 million pixels, positioning accuracy 0.003mm

600 million pixels

Machining accuracy

Positioning accuracy


Machining dimensional accuracy


Handling robot Number of robot arms Single / double arm


Clamping / adsorption


Charging machine




Edge finder

8- 12inch is compatible

General indicators Cleanliness level Hundred level 500


1900mm*1800mm*1950mm(main body)


About 2.5t

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