New Energy Battery Tray Laser Welding
JR Tray Series
The product integrates various new unit technologies currently developed, such as visual positioning systems, weld seam tracking systems, robot systems, intelligent control systems, intelligent production management systems, etc., especially for long welds, uninterrupted welding, and high sealing requirements of new energy battery boxes. Equipped with a weld seam tracking system, the welding yield can reach over 99%.

Product Data

- The equipment based on high-precision large work range 6-axis robot, and high-precision flipping positioning rotary station, working with laser to weld the large-scale battery tray parts;

-  Working with different style laser welding head, this equipment could realize wire lling laser welding, Laser Brazing, Laser scanning welding, as well as wobble laser welding.

- The control system adopt SIEMENS Controller

- This equipment could work independently as single station, also it could be integrated into the automatic production line for battery tray parts;

- The workstation can be arranged into one or two oors according to the space of workshop;


Application Industry

- Automobile Industry

- Auto Parts

- New Energy Vehicles


Model JR Tray Series

Work Range

Work Range 2000mm×1400mm (expandable)



Fiber Laser Source

Power: 1KW to 6KW

Flexible Control System

PLC control, multifunctional and humanized HMI interface

Multi-Station Structure

Double-station 3-axis Positioner form, flexible multi-pose welding for complex workpiece welding seam

Welding Head

In addition to the common Welding Head, it can be equipped with Wobble Welding Head, Wire Filling Welding

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