Integrated Laser Welding Intelligent Equipment for Automotive Door Rings
Automotive Door Rings Laser Welding
HGTECH Integrated Laser Welding Intelligent Equipment for Automotive Door Rings

Product Data


Material utilization increased by 15%, part weight reduced by 20%, welding pass rate up to 99%

Smooth welding surface, high material utilization, high welding pass rate. While increasing the stiffness of the body and improving the safety performance of the car, it achieves lightweighting of the vehicle.



Time-saving, labor-saving, cost-saving, capable of achieving multiple welding applications + various combination welding + multiple production methods. 


Equipped with no coating or thin coating, no filler or filler laser welding applications; Capable of achieving various combinations of laser welding for equal thickness and unequal thickness, equal strength and unequal strength plates; Can be matched with manual, semi-automatic, and fully automatic production lines to achieve the production of single and double door rings.



Highly scalable, versatile, achieving low-cost, high-quality, high-speed continuous production.


This welding system can be expanded with fully automatic loading and unloading systems, fully automatic workpiece clamping and positioning systems, mobile warehouses, online weld seam quality inspection, online marking, online flipping, and other functions. Combined with fiber optic welding heads and weld seam tracking systems, it achieves low-cost, high-quality, high-speed continuous production.



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