Flexible Car Side Body Laser Welding System
Flexible Car Side Body Laser Welding System
Since 1977, when the world's first industrial high-performance laser cutting machine was developed, we have consistently focused on laser technology and its applications, and have a long-standing history in the global market. In fact, in China, the first three laser cutting equipment were all from our company, which provides durable services to all customers. After decades of efforts, we have won 5 innovations, 7 surpass, 26 invention patents, 39 utility models and 2 software copyrights. In 2015, we won the first prize of National Science and Technology Progress Award. These achievements reflect our continued commitment to innovation and excellence in laser technology.

Product Data


Flexible Side Body Laser Welding System

China Largest Supplier for BIW Laser Welding Solution


Advantages of HGLASER in Body Side Welding Application:

  • We have successful reference in OEM factory for body side laser swing welding application;
  • We have years experience of system integration and commissioning;
  • We could meet different standards from different customers;
  • Aluminum alloy body side laser welding system commissioning experence.

The assembly of right and left body side with floor, to achieve a basic BIW fram only under bettr control the body side dimension, the entire car body dimension could be guaranteed. Meanwhile, the body side was assembled from many components, such big format sheet, with large numbers of welding spots, really difficult to control the conformity.


Our Typical Reference Cases

China Largest Supplier for BIW Laser Welding Solution


SGM SGM Shanghai factory C1UL & U358 body laser welding

SAIC SV51 / SV63 body and roof laser welding
SK81 soft module body roof laser brazing

DPCA P24 / eP24 body laser welding
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