Handheld Laser Cleaning Machine
BUZZ Series
BUZZ Series adopt high power fiber laser, photoelectric system and the appearance of handheld design integrated integration, with high precision, high efficiency, high cost performance, etc., can remove the object surface resin, paint,oil, rust, coating, plating, oxide layer and other pollutants, and have a wide range of industry applications, covering ships,automotive,rail transportation,rubber mold, high-end machine tools and environmental protection, etc..

Product Data

Product Introduction

BUZZ Series adopt high power fiber laser, photoelectric system and the appearance of handheld design integrated integration.

The laser cleaning light source can be selected according to the cleaning object. The range of cleaning object is more extensive,the whole machine is compact and portable, the processing quality is higher, the cleaning effect is more delicate, the thermal effect is small,and the damage to the substrate is extremely low, suitable for various precision processing industries.


Product Advantages

  • Non-contact,non-abrasive, non-contact cleaning, to avoid secondary pollution.
  • Accuracy,high cleaning precision and controllability.
  • Safety,no consumables, strong environmental protection.
  • Convenience,easy to manipulate, power on, handheld or with robot to achieve automated cleaning.
  • Efficient,high cleaning efficiency, saving time.
  • Stability,one-time investment, economic and efficient.
  • Economy stable system, long life.


Metalsurface rust removal, Surface paint removal and paint treatment, Surfaceoil, stains, dirt cleaning, Surface coating, clear coating,Welding surface / spray surface pretreatment, Stone surface dust and attachment removal, Rubbermold residue cleaning.

Applied Industry:

Automotive perimeter, ship, rail transit,aerospace, rubber mold, environmental protection, etc.

Demonstration Video: 




What is Laser Cleaning Technology and How Does it Work?

Laser cleaning technology is to use narrow pulse width and high power density laser to act on the surface of the object to be cleaned. Under the combined action of rapid vibration, vaporization, decomposition and plasma stripping, the dirt, rust spots or layers on the surface will evaporate and peel off instantaneously to achieve surface cleaning. Compared with traditional pickling, sand blasting and manual polishing, laser cleaning has high efficiency, low use cost, environmental protection, health and pollution-free. Laser cleaning machines are widely used in various industries, such as auto parts, rubber molds, high-end machine tools, guides, environmental protection equipment and other industries. The entire cleaning process does not require chemicals, will not pollute the environment, will not endanger the health of employees, and is more environmentally friendly and safe.


BUZZ Series laser cutting machine powers support 50W, 70W, 100W, 200W, 300W, 500, 1,000W and 2,000W, which can satisfy all kinds of cleaning requirements.


So with so many different powers, which kind of laser cleaning machine should customers choose? The advice is that they should make decisions according to their own needs. 


Low power laser cleaning machine


Low power is not equal to low efficiency. Low power laser cleaning can be used for mild and high-precision cleaning, and can also be used with other short pulse laser electric cleaners with the same cleaning intensity. This low-power laser cleaner is very suitable for the following products: restoration of historical relics, precious works of art, precision instruments, rubber/injection mold and any product that needs gentle cleaning.


Medium power laser cleaning machine


The medium power laser cleaner provides faster cleaning speed and allows cleaning of larger areas. It is very suitable for removing metal oxides or lubricants before welding, metal rust removal on mechanical equipment surface, rail surface rust removal, composite materials and tire molds, and paint removal on aircraft.


High power laser cleaning machine


High power laser cleaners can generate a lot of energy and are ideal for industrial use. It can perform the following cleaning tasks: severe metal corrosion, removal of harmful coatings and weld pretreatment.

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