Advantages of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in Cutting Special Shaped Pipes Specially shaped pipes are pipes with non-circular cross-sectional shapes. Compared with traditional circular pipes, their cross-sectional shapes can be square, rectangular, elliptical, etc., providing a more diverse range... more
Application of Laser Pipe Cutting Machine in Cutting Slots of Petroleum Screen Pipes CNC laser pipe cutting machine is a specialized equipment for cutting and processing oil screen pipes. Screen pipe, also known as slotted screen pipe, is a special type of pipe installed at the bottom of seamless or welded... more
A Major Historical Breakthrough in Laser Pipe Cutting Machine HGLaser once successfully developed China's first large-scale five axis CNC laser pipe cutting machine in just 6 months. The introduction of this pipe cutting machine will end the long history of China's oil fields importi... more
Interpretation of Standard Terms for Precision Testing of Laser Tube Cutting The development of laser tube cutting equipment in China is rapid. According to statistics, in 2020, the cumulative sales volume of high-power CNC laser tube cutting equipment in China reached about 5000 units (sets), with... more
How to Choose Auxiliary Gas for Laser Pipe Cutting Machine? The laser pipe cutting machine uses auxiliary gas during the cutting process. It can not only blow away the slag in the cutting seam, but also cool the surface of the processed object, reduce the heat affected zone, cool t... more
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