Flat Wire Motor Hairpin Laser Welding Machine
LAP 8000CC
Flat Wire Motor Hairpin Laser Welding Machine LAP 8000CC is specially designed for I-pin、H-pin、X-pin welding in e-mobility industry by HGTECH.

Product Data

Product Introduction:

Flat Wire Motor Hairpin Laser Welding Machine LAP 8000CC utilizes a high-power adjustable annular fiber laser + large-area scanning mirror welding system + coaxial vision positioning system effectively addresses issues such as pores, cracks, and spatter during the welding process. Compared to traditional TIG welding, it offers higher efficiency, reduced heat impact, improved work efficiency, and enables one-time welding



It is widely used in the welding stator I-pin, H-pin, and X-pin.



  • Low spatter, low porosity rate, high strength. 
  • Full-format high-speed welding, no need for movement. 
  • High-precision visual guidance, accurate positioning.
  • Fully intelligent dynamic process database, real-time parameter matching.


Product Advantages:

  • Significantly reduce welding spatter and pores, improve processing efficiency, 0.3S/point (including visual positioning).
  • Enable one time welding without rotation.
  • Fully automatic clamping of welding fixtures ensures consistency in pin end positions
  • Can be configured with dual stations, online working is available, meeting different production conditions.


 LAP 8000CC

laser wavelength 1064nm

Laser Power

lens (optics) F350

Weding range


Cooling Method

Water Cooling

Machine Size 


Power Supply


PSWe hold the final explanation right of  the above technical parameters. And you are welcome to contact us for customized requirement for the euipment. 

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