Intelligent Factory Solution (multiple units)
LCL Series
The laser cutting automatic material library consists of a material storage system, an automatic loading and unloading system and a production line operation monitoring system. It can be equipped with 1-3 laser cutting machine tools.

Product Data


Product Description
HGTECH Laser Cutting Flexible Production Line includes multiple sets of laser cutting automated material warehouses
Each set of laser cutting automated material warehouse consists of a material warehouse system, an automatic loading and unloading system, a production line operation, and a monitoring system, which can be adapted to 1-3 laser cutting machine tools.
The automated material warehouse can automatically store and retrieve materials without direct human intervention.
Modular design / Intelligent Control / Achievable MES System Network
-Single Suction / Automatic Split / Laser Cutting / Laser Marking
-Automatic Loading or Unloading / Sorting / Stacking /In or out of the
Library / Storage / Transfer / Waste Cutting
Extended Functions


Case Study


Model LCL Series
Structure Single-row/double-row laneway type three-dimentional material storehouse
Appliocation material Carbon steel, stainless steel aluminum alloy
Max material size 3000*1500mm 4000*2000mm
Max storage location

≥ 18 (customized)

Sheet thickness


Sheet weight ≤1000kg ≤1000kg
Max load per layer 3T
Max loading height (carbon steel)


Stacked height of products 90mm 50mm
Stacked weight of products 5T
Manual loading and unloading Crane or forklift
Standard cycle time 130s
Lifting speed of stacker 15m/min
Horizontal movement speed of stacker 50m/min
Pallet in and out speed 10m/min
Horizontal speed of loading and unloading system 40m/min
Vertical speed of loading and unloading system 20m/min
Operating method Mobile terminal / touch screen / central control automatic operation
Compress air 0.5-0.7Mpa


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