Wafer Laser Slotting Equipment
Wafer Slotting Series
This equipment is designed for 8-inch and above chip sealing and testing plants, and is applied to low-k wafers and silicon-based Gan wafers with 40nm and below in the semiconductor industry.

Product Data

Product advantages:

  • High quality

          Use ultra short pulse processing to reduce edge collapse, delamination and thermal impact, and adopt high-precision visual positioning to ensure the slotting position

  • High efficiency

          Based on spatial light modulation technology, the size and shape of the shaping spot can be adjusted, and the laser energy utilization rate is high and the response is fast

  • High integration

          Integrated protective liquid coating, wafer slotting and cleaning module


Sample display:


Low-k wafer slotting, depth > 10 μm, Width: 40 μm.

laser cutter


laser cutter


laser cutter


Main parametetrs


Center wavelength


Cutting head

Spatial light shaping module


Effective working stroke


Repetitive positioning accuracy 


Visual positioning

Automatic visual positioning
Slot depth



Wafer size

8 inch (12inch is compatible )

Processing process

Protective liquid coating - wafer grooving - cleaning
Processing object Low - K wafers, silicon-based Gan, etc
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