STC Steel Profiles Laser 3D Cutting Machine

STC Series

STC Series 1
STC Series 2
Special processing equipment for structural steel, this product is suitable for three-dimensional cutting of H-shaped steel, channel steel, angle steel, T-shaped steel.

Product Data





Customer Needs


Due to the current primary methods of secondary processing for structural steel being manual cutting and drilling, large components are mainly produced through plate assembly welding. In the process of welding and processing steel, after the cutting process, assembly is carried out. Therefore, the entire process is characterized by low efficiency, cumbersome manual operations, and poor precision. However, a new technology is coming to solve the problems.



Product Description


As specialized processing equipment for structural steel, this product is suitable for the three-dimensional cutting of various profiles in the steel structure industry (such as H-beams, channel steel, angle steel, and T-beams). It is widely used in the processing industry of steel components, such as various large-span industrial plants and prefabricated buildings in the steel structure industry, engineering machinery, the power industry, the shipbuilding (ship frame) industry, the iron and steel industry, the road and bridge industry, as well as warehousing and heavy equipment.

  • Intelligence

In-line dual-station expansion is possible, and front and rear dual-station switching facilitates hoisting and loading of heavy components, reducing waiting times and improving efficiency;

  • Flexible Processing

Large components: medium and large steel sections, full-length nesting cutting;

  • Design Optimization

Open design, easy for hoisting and clamping;

  • Diversified Processing

Flexible processing, switching between multiple varieties and specifications, and can be used for special-shaped parts such as heads and straight bevel cutting of flat plates;

  • Flexible Structure

Cantilever structure can be used; it is a special machine for processing small and medium-sized steel, with one side open and easy to operate.



Extended Functions








Industry Application


Intelligent equipment for laser cutting of structural steel is primarily applied in the steel structure industry, demonstrating excellent processing results for I-beams, H-beams, channel steel, and angle steel. It can achieve beveling, cutting, punching, and marking processing for the flange and web of H-beams, and can perform rootless cutting for overwelding holes or locked joints. Automated equipment can be integrated with assembly welding equipment to form an automatic steel processing line, reducing labor and significantly enhancing the efficiency of steel processing.


Case Study




Technical Parameters

Basic Parameters


Laser Power


Focal Length

F250-F275 with automatic focusing adjustment

CNC System

FARLEY (Five-Axis CNC System)

Display Screen

23.6-inch touch screen(supporting mouse operation)

Processed Profile Types

H-beams, channel steels, angle steels, etc.


Sectional cutting, flange and web cutting, bevel cutting, marking

Linked Axis


Steel Nesting Software

Supports direct import of NC programs output by Tekla and universal 3D software formats such as STEP, IGS, etc.

Processing Capability


Section Dimension for Steel Processing

Width H≤1000mm

Height B≤500mm

Length L≤12000mm

Cutting Thickness(Carbon Steel O2)

Maximum Vertical Cutting:30mm

Bevel Cutting Range

0-45° bevel

Processing Stroke


X-Axis Stroke

MAX. 13 meters (customizable)

Y-Axis Stroke

MAX. 2meters (customizable)

Z-Axis Stroke


Positioning Accuracy


X-Axis Positioning Accuracy

0.1mm/10m(≤10m),0.2mm/overall length

Y-Axis Positioning Accuracy


X-Axis Repeat Positioning Accuracy

0.05mm/10m(≤10m),0.1mm/overall length

Y-Axis Repeat Positioning Accuracy


Processing Speed


Maximum Positioning Speed for X/Y Axis


Maximum Linked Positioning Speed for X/Y Axis


Maximum Acceleration for X/Y Axis


Bevel Oscillation Mechanism


A-Axis Stroke


C-Axis Stroke


A/C Axis Positioning Accuracy


A/C Axis Repeat Positioning Accuracy



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