Car Camera Laser Welding Equipment
Car camera laser welding equipment mainly adopts continuous laser sources, combined with dual-station manual loading and customized fixtures to achieve sealed welding of camera housings.

Product Data

Product Introduction:

HGLaser automotive camera welding intelligent equipment utilizes a self-developed continuous swing welding system combined with a high-precision automatic focusing system, effectively addressing the challenges of welding irregular and highly reflective materials, and inconsistent penetration depth. This solution increases processing efficiency by 25%.The equipment was awarded the "Innovation Award for Laser Micromachining Systems" in December 2022.



1. High equipment integration, small footprint;
2.Medium-power continuous swing welding effectively reduces cracks and pores;
3. Dual-station design, specialized fixtures, high processing efficiency;
4. Real-time energy monitoring, CCD monitoring to ensure welding quality;
5.Customized motion control system to ensure consistency in process results throughout.


Product Advantages:

  • Customized clamping fixtures
    Compatible with processing and welding different products


  • Self-developed software control system
    Supports offline/online usage; paired with quality monitoring, MES system, and customized database, ensuring welding quality and traceability


  • Dual-station operating system
    Reduces CT, improves equipment production efficiency; equipped with dynamic rotating fixtures and pneumatic clamping devices, facilitating material handling


  • Self-developed laser swing welding system
    Effectively reduces cracks generated after aluminum welding


  • Automatic laser focusing system
    The autofocus accuracy for or processing heterogeneous products is ≤±0.1mm



Laser Source Raycus
Laser Wave Length 1080±5nm

Output Power

Power Instability <3%
Maximum Modulation Frequency 5KHz
Fiber Core Diameter 14um, 25um, 50um
Fiber Length 5m (can be customized)
Focus Lens (swing) F=250mm(optional)
Collimation Lens (swing) F=150mm(optional)
Minimum Locus Spot Diameter 0.2~0.4mm
Beam Quality (M²) <1.3mm×mrad(25mm)
Three-axis stroke (X×Y×Z) 400mm×300mm×200mm (optional)
Position Repeatability ±0.02 mm
Cooling Method Water Cooling
Power Supply 200-240 VAC, 50/60Hz

PS:We hold the final explanation right of  the above technical parameters. And you are welcome to contact us for customized requirement for the euipment. 

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