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Electronic products play various roles in people's daily life, such as providing information, offering convenience and inspiring creativity. Being lighter, thinner and more portable have become the goal of designers, which has also brought continuous progress of new materials and new techniques. Laser has become the representative in the manufacturing process of electronics products.

At this stage, the laser processing technology in electronics industries are mainly laser marking, laser anodizing treatment, metal carving, laser drilling, etc. On the premise of precision machining, traditional printing, pressing and CNC have been unable to meet the rapid-growing demands and control the cost of production effectively.   


Problems of Traditional Processing Technology

1. Unable to meet the high fineness requirements of electronic products;

2. Low work efficiency, large wear and tear, and high resource consumption;

3. The flatness is low and the edge is uneven after processing.


Our Solution

As the leader of laser industry, HGLASER aims to promote the application of different laser equipment in different industries and provide full range of solutions.



● Laser Marking

3C manufacturers mainly rely on output to earn benefits, so the equipment occupies a large amount, which requires low failure frequency of equipment and low maintenance and use costs. The HGTECH flying series on-line laser coding machine can realize 24-hour stable continuous processing, without water tank, and consumes less than 1 degree of industrial power per hour. Its advantages are self-evident.


Besides, 3C products are personalized and popular consumer goods. Only by continuously creating new highlights in shape and function can they satisfy consumers. Therefore, there are high requirements for precision marking and marking quality on small components. The intelligent control system and precise positioning system of HGTECH online laser coding machine can realize accurate positioning and rapid coding, At the same time, it can guarantee the standard degree and yield of mobile phone product processing to the maximum extent and reduce product defects.



● Laser Anodizing Treatment

The gap between metal and plastic is easy to be dirty and impurities. When the product is dyed by anodizing, impurities will hinder the dyeing of the product. After sealing the hole by anode dyeing, the product will produce white spots and discoloration.


 In view of this defect, first classify according to the area size and gray level characteristics, then mark the machine with visual software CCD to grab the internal calculation of the defective shape, and then black it with different power of energy, finally solve this defective phenomenon.



● Laser Drilling

Traditional mechanical drilling technology is difficult to realize micro hole processing, and the depth of blind hole processing is not controllable, and the tool must be changed frequently. However, the concentric circle and spiral scanning methods commonly used in the laser drilling technology industry have different effects on the flatness of blind hole processing. HGTECH is deeply engaged in 3C electronic manufacturing, and has created the FPC laser shield laser drilling process, developed the UV high-speed drilling equipment, and realized the blind hole forming in one shot. On the one hand, the copper foil surface is smooth and smooth, and on the other hand, it can ensure stability and high efficiency.



● Metal Carving

The physical denaturation of metal materials by instantaneous melting and gasification under laser irradiation is used for metal engraving. Through the laser engraving machine, vectorized graphics and text can be easily "printed" on the processed substrate. The precision of this technology is very high, and the width of the thinnest line on the material surface can reach 0.015mm. It can also meet the special processing needs and process the inner surface or inclined surface of the product.


Our Advantage

1. Low production cost and good economic benefits.

2. Fast processing speed, high efficiency and good effect.

3. High electro-optical conversion efficiency and low energy consumption.

4. Original technology, with smooth surface and smooth edge after drilling.


Customer Benefit

With laser technology, customers will benefit much:
● Without tool wear, the operating and material costs are reduced;
● Fast speed working improves production efficiency greatly;
● The permanent markers promote product anti-counterfeiting ability;
● The laser marking machine is a high-tech, environmentally friendly product, won’t produce any chemical substances harmful to human body and environment;
● Without ink and chemical solvent, the working environment is clean and non-pollution;
● Brand awareness of products will be increased by classier products and additional value;
● With the traceability system, all aspects of the whole manufacturing process and the operating costs can be controlled effectively;
● The good flexibility of laser marking machine increases the diversity of products.


Product Recommendation

LSF Series

Since 2003, China's first fiber laser marking machine was born in HGLASER, we have mastered the core technology of the fiber laser marking. It is widely used in electronic components, hardware, electrical industry, daily consumer goods, sensors, auto parts, 3C electronics, crafts, precision apparatuses, gifts and ornaments, medical equipments, high-low-voltage appliances, bathroom accessories, battery industry, IT industry, etc.

laser cutter

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LSF-M Series

Since2003, China's first fiber laser marking machine was born in HGLASER, we havemastered the core technology of the fiber laser marking. HG-A Desktop Fiber Laser Marking Machine is designed for flexible lasermarking.

laser marking machine

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LWD Series

LWD40S adopts semiconductor laser source, electric three-axis axis system design, highly integrated and modularized, equipped with auxiliary systems such as dust removal and ventilation technology, and safety auxiliary systems such as light curtains, door magnetic switches, and warning lights.

laser cutter

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