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Laser intelligent manufacturing empowers the rapid development of the new energy automobile industry.As an important manifestation of the integration of new technology and high-end equipment, automobile manufacturing reflects the highest level of national manufacturing. At present, in automobile manufacturing, about 50%-70% of body parts can be processed by laser, and laser processing technology and equipment has become the development direction of international automobile manufacturing.
Focusing on the development needs of the new energy automobile industry, HGTECH Laser applies laser cutting, welding, cleaning and marking processes to provide laser intelligent manufacturing solutions for the entire automotive industry chain, including vehicle production, three electric systems, and parts manufacturing, and helps the electrified, intelligent, networked and shared development of the new energy vehicle industry.




From the accumulated technical experience in the era of fuel vehicles to the market demand connected with new energy era, HGTECH has always been a “Promoter for transformation and upgrading of automobile industry in China”.


We focus on the new materials, new structures, new processes and new equipment brought by the development of the automobile industry, and hope to bring new inspiration, new tools and new efficiency to the development of the automotive industry with laser intelligent manufacturing.

1. Automotive Body-In-White Solutions

In the automobile manufacturing process, welding assembly, as one of the four major processes of automobiles, undertakes the tasks of automotive body-in-white tailor welding, door assembly adjustment, quality refurbishment and so on; The body-in-white is a large assembly made of more than hundreds, or even hundreds of stamped parts and convex welded assemblies connected by welding, riveting, mechanical connection and bonding. Since most of the materials of body stamping parts are low carbon steel with good welding properties, welding is the most widely used joining method in modern body manufacturing.

As the first set of automotive body-in-white laser welding equipment in China, HGTECH Laser's car body top cover laser welding flexible production line" breaks the monopoly position of foreign enterprises in this field and fills the domestic gap.

After years of technical research, HGTECH Farley automobile body-in-white welding system processing accuracy is high, the quality is stable, a variety of models can be automatically identified, automatically grab the corresponding fixture and call the relevant program for processing, to achieve the integration of rapid positioning of the body-in-white, laser brazing, welding and handling industrial robot applications and other technologies, the welding speed can reach 4.8 meters / minute, 30% faster than the same type of equipment in the world, but the price is 40% lower than the same type of foreign production lines, and the body stiffness is increased by 30%, which can meet the needs of online production.

It has greatly improved the speed and quality of automobile welding, so that the body welding production line is automated and intelligent, and the technical indicators have reached the forefront of the world. As a major national science and technology project, the equipment has been successfully applied to a variety of mid-to-high-end models in PSA's Wuhan plant around the world.

Product Recommendation

Automobile BIW Roof Cover Automatic Laser Welding Machine

As the domestic first set of equipment automobile BIW (body in white) laser welding machine, the automotive BIW welding system of FARLEY?LASERLAB has high processing precision and stable quality. It has broken the monopoly of foreign companies in the field and filled the domestic blank. After many years' research and innovation, this machine has been successfully used in many monolithic welding production lines. Its welding speed can reach 4.8m/min, 30% faster than the same type equipment in the world. The price decreases more than 40%, and stiffness of BIW promoted 30%. It can meet the demand of online production, so as to improve the welding speed and welding quality, achieve automation and intellectualization. As a national key science and technology project, the automotive BIW welding system has been successfully applied in many automobiles.

laser cutter

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2. Application of New Energy Vehicle Three-Electric System

Power battery, drive motor, electronic control system is the core components that determine new energy vehicles, collectively known as the "three electric" system, directly determines the performance of the car, the cost accounts for more than 50% of the total cost of the whole vehicle, is the key to building the core competitiveness of China's new energy automobile industry.

Relying on 51 years of laser technology accumulation, HGTECH Laser has deeply cultivated the "three electric" system industry of new energy vehicles, helped intelligent vehicles build a super "smart brain", and promoted the development and iteration of the "three electric" system of new energy vehicles in the direction of high performance, low cost, intelligence and integration.

Electronic Control System Solutions

The electronic control system is the "brain" of new energy vehicles, controlling the operation and power output of the entire vehicle, mainly composed of inverter, inverter drive, power module, central control module, soft start module, protection module, heat dissipation system signal detection module, etc., in which the inverter is responsible for the DC-AC conversion of the battery, thereby driving the motor to run. Among them, IGBT power semiconductor modules are used in inverters, which are the core devices of new energy vehicle electronic control systems and DC charging piles, and are called the "CPU" of power electronics, accounting for about 40-50% of the cost of the entire controller.

Drive Motor Solutions

The drive motor is the "motor" of new energy vehicles, which directly determines the main performance indicators such as climbing and acceleration of the car. In order to improve the efficiency and power density of electric drive systems, motor flattening has become a mainstream technical route.


Power Battery Solutions

The structure of new energy power battery is composed of power module, electrical system, thermal management system, battery management system and new energy battery tray. Among them, the power module is the core part of the power output of new energy vehicles, which is responsible for the storage and release of energy, determines the mileage of the car, and is the "heart" of new energy vehicles.

New energy vehicle power batteries, due to their own weight defects and energy density requirements contradictions, in the vehicle parts subsystem, the need for lightweight is particularly urgent. The new energy vehicle battery depalletization is the skeleton of the battery system, which can play a role in impact resistance, vibration resistance and protection for its system. In the power battery, the tray accounts for 20-30% of the weight of the battery system, which is actually the main structural part. Therefore, under the premise of ensuring the functional safety of the battery, the lightweight of the pallet has become one of the main improvement goals of the battery structural parts.


3. Auto Parts Application

In automobile manufacturing, about 60%-80% of body parts can be processed by laser, and laser processing technology and equipment has become the development direction of international automobile manufacturing.

HGTECH laser new energy auto parts intelligent processing system, covering laser cutting, laser welding, laser cleaning, laser marking and other laser processing intelligent production solutions.

3.1 Automotive Safety Component Solutions

With the continuous innovation of automotive technology, the car is developing towards more intelligent, electrified and automated, but no matter how the technology evolves, automotive safety is always the foundation, and automotive safety components are the foundation of automotive safety. In the process of automobile manufacturing, laser welding, laser cutting, laser marking and other processes can better meet the convenience of processing automotive safety components, as well as the requirements of compact design and safety.

HGTECH Laser can provide customers with complete laser intelligent manufacturing solutions for automotive safety systems, including airbag welding, airbag weakening, bumper welding, bumper opening, energy-absorbing box welding, local parts hardening, parts marking and traceability, etc.


Product Recommendation

Automobile Airbag Panel Laser Weakening Machine

Equipped with automatic feeding laser processing, the automobile airbag panel laser weakening machine combines robot technology with laser weakening technology perfectly, each technical index and performance of which has reached advanced international level. This machine can control the remaining thickness, the production time of an airbag panel is less than one minute.


Technology Features
● The pre-position device ensures processing precision;
● Precise weakening device ensures accuracy of weakening depth, stability and repeatability;
● Traceability of production data.

Automobile Airbag Inner Laser Welding Machine

Controlled by a gas generator, the airbag outbreak will cause oxidizing reaction and generate a lot of gas, which would produce a burst. So the requirement for airbag sealing is very strict. The automobile airbag inner laser welding machine of Farley Laserlab has large welting depth (can reach 2~3mm), high welding strength, small heat affected zone and small welding deformation. Without welding rods or filling materials, it can produce pure and non-polluting welding joints.

Technology Features
● Big welding penetration(can reach 2~3mm), high welding strength, small heat affected zone, small deformation;
● High automation, easy operation, fast speed;
● High precision, good stable, high yield;
● Non-contact processing, without welding auxiliary tools;
● Without electrodes and filling materials, it can achieve pure and unpolluted welding joints.

3.2 Car Seating Solutions

Car seats are seats when riding in cars, and are necessary equipment for car interiors and one of the important products for passive safety of cars. Car seats can provide drivers and passengers with an easy-to-operate, comfortable and safe driving and riding position, and their quality will directly affect the safety and riding experience of passengers. With the continuous development of intelligent cars, the traditional seat control system can not meet people's new needs, and safer, more comfortable, intelligent and healthy experience will become the development direction of intelligent car seats in the future.


With the accumulation of intelligent automotive electronics technology, HGTECH Laser can provide our customers with comprehensive intelligent car seat laser solutions. Such as seat slide new products and mass production laser precision cutting (alternative punching), seat recliner high-profile assembly and assembly laser welding, seat slide sub-assembly and assembly laser welding, seat recliner core connection block laser welding, seat recliner sheath laser welding, seat rail stiffener laser welding, seat recliner core internal small assembly laser welding, seat recliner and B plate assembly welding, seat 3/4 backrest scanning welding and seat frame assembly welding, laser marking and data traceability, Mold laser surface quenching or mold repair, seat slide rail welding wire body, etc.

3.3 Automotive Door Solutions

The door system is a relatively independent part of the whole vehicle parts, and its comprehensive performance indicators such as comfort, safety and sealing are directly related to the quality of the vehicle and the direct evaluation of the brand of sedan by customers. At the same time, the whole door system involves the stamping, welding, painting, final assembly of sheet metal parts, stamping, injection molding, assembly and system assembly of functional seals, complex structure, high manufacturing accuracy requirements, assembly difficulty, size matching and process technology are strict, has always been the focus and difficulty in the automobile manufacturing process.


Product Recommendation

Automobile Bumper Laser Drilling Machine

Vehicle bumper is irregular in shape. Traditional stamping methods are very complicated and will cause deformation and stress. Laser technology, without complicated fixture system, stress and deformation, is more suitable for post processing and installing.


Technology Features
● Advanced laser technology improves welding quality and welding strength;
● Stable performance, good repeatability, good reliability, beautiful welding joints;
● Flat welding joints won’t damage other parts.


3.4 Automotive Transmission Solutions

The automobile transmission system is the power transmission device between the automobile engine and the driving wheels, which is responsible for transferring the force output of the engine to the wheels after transformation, so as to realize the driving and shifting of the car. 

The automobile transmission system is generally composed of clutch, transmission, universal transmission, main reducer, differential and half shaft.

HGTECH Laser can provide our customers with a full set of laser intelligent services such as shift fork laser welding, double gear assembly laser welding production line, flexible flywheel laser welding, clutch laser welding, dual-mass flywheel laser welding, drive shaft and differential laser welding, gear shift sleeve laser precision cutting "king" groove, laser marking and data traceability, laser cleaning and so on.

Product Recommendation

Automobile Gear Shifting Set Laser Automatic Cutting Machin

The automobile gear shifting set laser automatic cutting machine of FARLEY LASERLAB can replace traditional processing methods.

Technology Features
● Fixed light path design;
● Double-station disc loading system
● High quality of cutting surface;
● High precision;
● Fast speed, high efficiency


Automobile Gear Laser Welding Machine

Automobile gear laser welding is a development trend. At present, the world's automobile manufacturers have used the laser welding gear to replace traditional welding methods, such as ERW (electric resistance welding), induction welding and EBM (electron beam welding). There is no need for laser gear welding to work in a vacuum. Without welding deformation, the gears after welding have no need to be further highly processed. In addition, the welding joints have general mechanical performance that is equivalent or superior to the base metal, which ensures the larger torque transmission of gears.


4.Other Application

4.1 Automotive Industry Cutting Applications

Automotive Thermoforming Parts Cutting

Launched AUTOBOT 3015 laser cutting intelligent equipment: designed for batch cutting of automotive high-strength steel thermoforming parts, the market share of the first domestic.

Automotive thermoforming parts cutting


Robotic Flexible Cutting

Multi-species, good flexibility, high efficiency and high cost-effectiveness

Launched the first set of auto sheet metal parts cutting in China

Auto plastic parts cutting: leading bumper punching technology

Automotive dashboard weakening


Automotive Dashboard Weakening

Leading technology: with safety protection design, independently designed control system, lightweight oscillating cutting head, professional cooling system

Completely independent control of intellectual property rights

With cutting process database

Automotive dashboard weakening


Laser Re-manufacturing Applications

Mainly includes automotive mold repair, quenching and 3D printing applications


4.2 Laser Cleaning Automotive Industry Laser Cleaning Applications

Laser Cleaning of Automotive Tire Molds and Pistons

For automotive tire mold and piston cleaning, laser cleaning is more environmentally friendly, safe and efficient than other cleaning methods.



Automotive Parts Cleaning Mainly Includes

Transmission gear pre-weld cleaning

Aluminum alloy parts cleaning


New Energy Vehicle Cleaning

All-aluminum body pre-weld and post-weld cleaning

Battery tray pre-weld cleaning oxide

Laser cleaning before pole coating

Laser cleaning during battery assembly


New energy vehicle cleaning


Body Cleaning

Laser cleaning before welding the roof, sides and bottom can significantly reduce the black ash and porosity defects of the welded joints, improve the welding uniformity and improve the welding quality.


4.3 Intelligent Factory Automotive Industry

With the rapid development of the automotive and hardware industries, the development of flexible and intelligent production equipment has become an urgent requirement to serve the industry.


Uncoiling Blanking Line

The high-speed three-head laser blanking line combines the working concept of blanking and laser cutting, and adopts three-head dynamic cutting technology to realize the efficient and intelligent production of sheet metal products.

It fills the gap of high-end cutting and blanking equipment in China, and the technology reaches the domestic leading and international advanced level.


Automatic Material Warehouse for Laser Cutting Processing

The flexible sheet metal processing line combines laser cutting equipment, loading and unloading equipment, intelligent sorting equipment, sheet metal magazine, RGV, intelligent traveling crane, etc. into one production line, which automates the feeding, transferring, stacking and unloading of metal materials.

Fully ensure the high flexibility, high quality, high efficiency and human resource saving of sheet metal processing.

4.4 Sensor Automotive Industry Sensor Applications

In addition, HG Gaoli Electron, a subsidiary of HGTECH, provides multi-functional sensor solutions, anchoring on the track of new energy and intelligent networked vehicles, and developing a series of "specialized and new" products. HG Gaoli temperature sensors account for 70% of the global market share, and PTC heaters for new energy vehicles account for 60% of the domestic market.


Industry Gathering, Integration and Innovation

New energy vehicles need the support and assistance of the "light" industry, and the "light" industry also needs the support and extension of the "automobile" industry. From parts processing, to complete vehicle structure, automated production line, intelligent factory production method, HG Laser will focus on "laser + intelligent manufacturing" to continuously release new dynamic energy of production!


4.5 Automobile Industry Laser Marking Application

Fully Automatic Laser Marking for Car Lights

The product information is marked externally on the base of the car light bulb by laser, and it cooperates with the automatic loading of manipulators, laser marking, lighting test, automatic packaging, etc. to realize fully automated production.

Full Automatic Laser Marking Line For Philips Headlights


Auto Parts Products Full lifecycle Traceability

HGTECH’s subsidiary, HGCyber, has developed a full lifecycle traceability system for auto parts and components, providing an integrated solution for auto parts manufacturers through three major links: product quality traceability, MES system and intelligent manufacturing.


Through systematic collection, the traceability platform helps manufacturing companies achieve comprehensive integration, and then realize the traceability of product life cycle information.

At present, about 50%~70% of body parts can be processed by laser. Under the trend of electrification, intelligence, networking, sharing, light weight and safety of automobiles, laser processing will have great potential!

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