Unlocking the Full Potential of 3D Five-Axis Laser Equipment Ⅱ: Tips for Maximizing Cutting Efficiency By taking HGTECH’s 3D five-axis laser cutting equipment as an example, we have shared some tips for the cutting process, like choosing fixtures and proper programming. In this chapter, we will continue to discuss the optim... more
HGTECH Unveils Exciting Lineup of Exhibitions for October: A Deeper Look HGTECH, a leading name in laser cutting and welding technology, is gearing up for an eventful October as it embarks on a journey to showcase its latest innovations in key international exhibitions. more
Unlocking the Full Potential of 3D Five-Axis Laser Equipment: Tips for Maximizing Cutting Efficiency The development of automotive lightweighting has made energy efficiency, environmental friendliness, and safety essential considerations in the automotive design and production process. more
HGTECH AUTOBOT 3D 5-Axis Laser Cutting Machine: Revolutionizing Automotive Hot-formed Component Manufacturing In the realm of automotive manufacturing, technological innovations are steering the industry toward higher precision, efficiency, and safety. One of the standout technologies revolutionizing the sector is laser technology... more
HGTECH Embarks On An Exciting Journey - Laser Innovation At 2023 Upcoming Exhibitions As a trailblazing leader in advanced manufacturing technology, HGTECH is thrilled to announce its participation in two prestigious international exhibitions during the second half of the year. more
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