Application Advantages Of Sheet Metal Laser Cutting Machine

In the field of sheet metal processing, the advantages of laser cutting machine are very prominent, which has gradually replaced the traditional processing technology and become the core equipment of sheet metal cutting. From the rise of laser cutting machines, to the replacement of YAG, CO2 and other machines by optical fiber laser cutting machines, to the continuous introduction of high-power laser cutting machines, high-power equipment has become the trend for cutting thick plates and cutting efficiency.


In recent years, high-power laser cutting machines have become a hot topic in the field of laser cutting. Enterprises such as Huagong Laser and Han's Laser have continuously introduced fiber laser cutting equipment above 10,000 watts. For the sheet metal processing industry, the birth of high-power cutting equipment has greatly improved the thickness and efficiency of sheet metal cutting.

The appearance of this high-power cutting machine constantly breaks the limit of material cutting thickness. The resulting reduction in the price of processing thick plates forms a good cycle, promoting the further expansion of laser cutting applications.

Moreover, traditional cutting techniques, such as numerical control shearing machine, can only be used for straight cutting. Although the investment in flame cutting is low, the thermal deformation is too high when cutting thin plates, which affects the cutting quality of materials and wastes materials. The cutting accuracy of isolationary cutting is lower than that of flame cutting, but the thermal deformation is relatively high when cutting thin plates, the slope is relatively low, and compared with the precision cutting of laser cutting machines, it is easy to cause waste of raw materials.

Just like a MARVEL H series high-performance ultrahigh power laser cutting machine among the sheet metal cutting machines of Huagong Laser, it has great advantages over traditional cutting methods:

1. It is conducive to optimizing the process, reducing processing procedures and reducing production costs. This is due to the one-time operation of sheet metal forming and welding sleeve assembly, which reduces the use of molds and thus reduces the production time.

2. It is conducive to improving the efficiency of laser cutting. Using software programming to formulate a more reasonable cutting scheme can not only reduce the use and waste of materials, but also effectively improve the processing efficiency.

3. It is conducive to product development. As the product production cycle is shortened, the R&D speed of new products will be improved and new market demands will be explored.

4. It can complete the processing of various complex structures. As long as it can draw any image on the computer, the laser cutting machine can complete the processing. There is no need to open the mold. Only the drawings are made on the computer, and the products can come out immediately, which can quickly develop new products and save costs.

5. The formed box needs to be processed by adding holes and grooves, which cannot be processed by numerical control punch, but can be solved by laser cutting. The laser cutting machine has an automatic tracking system, so it can not only complete the plane cutting, but also complete the cutting of various uneven surfaces. The cutting surface of the laser cutting machine is very smooth, and the product grade is very high, which is difficult to be achieved by the numerical control punch. Laser cutting can be done, but it is difficult for CNC punch to complete the complex process requirements.

As a very ideal processing method in cutting, laser cutting represents the development direction of modern metal processing technology. MARVEL H series high performance ultra high power laser cutting machine is currently making further development in key technology direction towards high speed, high precision, large format, 3D cutting and special material cutting, and also promoting the development of high power laser cutting technology to meet the growing market demand.

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