The appearance and application of automobile hot forming technology have changed the market demand. An automobile hot forming production line is generally equipped with 4-5 three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machines, and the market demand is developing explosively.


Up to now, there are nearly 450 automobile hot forming production lines in the world, and there are about 2000 sets of three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machines following the supporting production. There are nearly 170 hot forming production lines in China, and there are about 700 sets of three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machines following the supporting production.


Automobile manufacturers are fond of hot formed steel plates, and the demand for hot formed steel plates with higher yield strength is increasing. As a sharp tool for processing special-shaped curved parts, the three-dimensional five axis laser cutting machine plays an indispensable role in the industry.


The principle of 3D five axis laser cutting is: using the flexible and fast action performance of the industrial robot, according to the size of the workpiece to be cut and processed by the user, you can choose to install the robot forward or backward to carry out teaching programming or offline programming for different products and different tracks, and the sixth axis of the robot is loaded with optical fiber laser cutting head to carry out 3D cutting for irregular workpieces.


The optical fiber laser cutting head is equipped with a servo device and an optical path transmission device. The optical fiber is used to transmit the laser to the cutting head, and then the focusing system is used to focus. For plates with different thicknesses, multiple sets of focusing systems are developed to cut various three-dimensional metal plates in multiple directions.


In addition to its high suitability for cutting with a wide range of materials and complex shapes, the machine can be developed for greater performance and use with suitable devices, such as the 3D five axis laser cutting intelligent equipment of HGLASER AUTOBOT3015 for auto hot forming parts:


1. It can also be used for plate cutting in addition to three-dimensional cutting of workpiece. At the same time, the welding module can be switched on this platform, which can be extended to a laser welding platform to realize one machine with multiple functions. Continuous and stable production for 24 hours, applicable to batch production.


2. In the traditional joint manipulator, the joint shafts are connected with each other, and the precision errors will accumulate from the fixed base of the manipulator to the machining head, leading to geometric growth of the errors of the final finished product. The axes of the 3D five axis machining machine are independent from each other, and the gantry double drive structure has high stability, which can ensure long-term high-speed, high-precision and stable cutting.


3. Gantry double drive structure, the lathe bed is formed by integrated welding processing, and the beam with high rigidity and high dynamic response is also driven by special guide rail base and double motor of bilateral gear rack of linear guide rail. The effective cutting width can reach 6 * 4.5m, and it can even be customized according to production requirements.


In addition, it has incomparable advantages in the processing of automobile parts, such as the design and manufacturing of automobile body, which greatly reduces the investment risk in mold development. It is mainly used to develop new models, online cutting, and the production of deformation vehicles, such as cutting sample vehicle parts, cutting holes and trimming of body covers, cutting steering wheel holes, body windshields, roof cover bracket holes, airbag components, hydraulic forming components, etc, It is also a popular equipment of Huagong Laser in the automobile manufacturing industry.

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