From "Piling Up Thousands Of Tiles" To "Category Innovation"

Under the wave of intelligent manufacturing transformation, China's equipment manufacturing industry has seized the "window period" of rapid development, and the CNC laser equipment market has also ushered in rapid growth. According to CCTV Finance and Economics, China's laser equipment market has grown more than 6 times in the past 10 years, with a compound growth rate of 21.5%. It is expected that the market size will exceed 80 billion yuan this year and the export scale will reach 10 billion yuan.


In the past decade, the laser cutting industry has undergone a series of changes. At first, low-power optical fiber laser cutting machines were mainly used in hardware, kitchen and kitchen utensils, advertising and other industries. With the continuous improvement of laser power and corresponding technology, the thickness and processing efficiency of laser processing materials have been significantly improved.


The laser cutting technology has also been introduced step by step in the industries such as sheet metal processing, fitness equipment, rail transit, auto parts manufacturing, high-end mechanical equipment manufacturing, rail transit, aerospace and so on. The laser cutting market represented by sheet metal laser cutting machine has thus ushered in an explosive period.


With the continuous development of domestic new energy vehicles, aerospace, rail transit and other high-value-added industries, the domestic market demand for high-power laser cutting machines is increasing. While providing huge market opportunities, it is also constantly guiding the upgrading of the laser cutting industry itself. In 2017, in the context of the market demand for higher laser power and higher cutting efficiency, the 10000 watt laser cutting machine came into being. Although the stability of this new biological species was still questioned by the market in that year, its powerful performance was quickly recognized by the market, and the laser cutting market soon entered the era of ten thousand watts.


It is undeniable that the domestic laser cutting market has entered the dilemma of "no increase in incremental income" after experiencing rapid growth and fierce price competition in the past. The sales volume of many enterprises has increased year by year, but the income is basically flat, and even will decline. In this context, the overseas market has become a "battleground" for all enterprises to gain profits, and China's laser equipment has also been recognized by the global market with high quality, high stability and high cost performance.


According to the CCTV financial report, China's laser equipment has been recognized by the global market. In 2019, China's export of laser equipment began to exceed the import value in 2019, while the export value in the first 10 months of this year has reached 9.09 billion yuan, up 27% year on year. According to statistics, in the first 10 months of this year, China's laser processing equipment exports ranked the top countries, including the United States, South Korea, Russia, India, Brazil, etc.




In December 2021, the "Fourteenth Five-Year Plan" manufacturing development plan pointed out that we should vigorously develop intelligent manufacturing equipment including advanced laser processing equipment such as ultra-fast lasers.


We believe that enterprises with strong "product power+innovation power" can maintain strong competitiveness in the more fierce international battlefield in the future. Bond laser, which continuously focuses on laser cutting single category products, will also continue to strengthen product research and development, provide better products and services for global metal processing enterprises, and create a new business card of "China Smart Manufacturing"! Let China's intelligent manufacturing make the world famous!


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