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HGLASER Was Selected As One Of The Top 100 High-Tech Enterprises In Hubei

On February 9, 2022, Hubei Provincial Department of Science And Technology and Hubei Provincial Institute of Science And Technology Information released the list of top 100 high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province in 2021.



Among them, HGLASER ranked 24th on the list. The top 100 Hubei high-tech enterprises selected this time are a group of advantageous enterprises in the leading position of industrial chain innovation or subdivided fields, aiming to form a demonstration effect and drive the innovation and development of regions and industries. This also means that the comprehensive innovation strength of HGLASER has won the "official seal" again.


According to the "top 100 high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province in 2021" selection scheme of top 100 high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province issued by the Provincial Department of science and technology, the provincial science and technology information research institute sets innovation input, innovation output There are 15 specific indicators in three aspects, including innovation potential, which comprehensively reflect the innovation and development efficiency of high-tech enterprises, and calculate and select the top 100 provincial high-tech enterprises of the year.


In recent years, Hubei high-tech enterprises have maintained a rapid development trend. By the beginning of 2022, the total number of high-tech enterprises in Hubei Province had exceeded 10000, ranking first among the six provinces in Central China. The selection of Hubei top 100 high-tech enterprises is not only an affirmation and encouragement of HGLASER innovation ability, but also an recognition of the company's support for high-quality economic development.


In the future, HGLASER will enhance the core competitiveness of enterprises driven by innovation, improve the innovation mechanism, increase investment in technological innovation, further improve the "gold content" and "new content" of products, provide high-quality product supply for the development of the industry and contribute to the high-quality development of Hubei.

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