HGLASER's Entire line Of laser Cleaning Automation For Positive And Negative Plates Starts To "New"!

Affected by the international situation and the epidemic, since December 2021, oil prices have shown a "seven consecutive rise", of which the price of 92 gasoline is 8.8 yuan / liter, and the price of 98 gasoline is close to 10 yuan / liter, which is a big deal for fuel car owners. Not a small burden.


At the same time, on April 3, BYD became the first car company in the world to officially announce the cessation of the production of fuel vehicles, announcing a new change in the layout of the auto industry.


The use of new energy vehicles is an industry trend and a smart choice for future travel.


According to media reports, the global sales of new energy vehicles will hit a new high in 2021, reaching 6.71 million units, a year-on-year increase of 108%.


Among them, China's new energy vehicle market continued to make breakthroughs, with production and sales increasing by more than 160% year-on-year, with sales reaching 3.52 million vehicles.


The development of new energy vehicles will bring new opportunities for reshaping the world's auto energy pattern, coping with global climate change, and realizing the sustainable development of the auto industry...


Lithium battery small science


As an important energy storage component of electric vehicles, lithium batteries are favored by electric vehicle manufacturers due to their high energy storage density, low self-discharge rate, long battery life, and low cost.


With the continuous expansion of the electric vehicle market, the utilization rate of lithium batteries will also be higher and higher.




In the manufacturing process of lithium batteries, the coating of the area to be welded needs to be cleaned before welding the tabs, so that the active materials on the front and back electrodes are quickly burned and vaporized, and the metal conductive current collector in the middle is exposed.


The methods currently used on the market: mechanical scraper scraping the paste area and laser cleaning + dust-free cloth wiping, it is necessary to stop regularly to replace the consumables, which increases the cost; scraper wear will also damage the pole piece and reduce the cleaning accuracy.


In response to the above processing pain points, HGLASER successfully captured the critical parameter values of foil damage and no coating residue, and launched a pure laser cleaning method, which can deal with products of various cleaning sizes, reducing costs and increasing efficiency.


Specializing in new and powerful energy


With years of technical accumulation and a large number of data verifications, HGLASER has built a complete line of automatic laser cleaning of positive and negative plates that "people have nothing, but people have my own".



Pure laser cleaning without consumables: no other auxiliary means are required, reducing the time for other consumables and replacement of consumables


One-click model change: According to the incoming material size and product thickness, automatically adjust the matching cleaning process parameters


High-quality and high-efficiency: 8 lasers are used, and multi-head light output can be customized according to the width. The positive and negative electrodes can be cleaned at the same time. It can process 72 products per minute, and the yield rate is 99.5%


Equipped with CCD visual inspection: online precision inspection of processed products, marking and rejection of abnormality


Equipped with dust removal module: clean, no damage, no residue to clean the positive and negative plates