Industry Decoding | Dare To Be The First In The World, The "Laser" Pride Of Bumper Welding

【Domestic first set of laser punching and welding tool】

Domestic first set of laser punching and welding tool


² Automobile bumper laser stamping and welding integrated equipment - RC series


It is the first set of laser punching and welding equipment independently developed by HGLASER for punching and welding the front and rear bumpers of automobiles.


As the "copper wall and iron wall" in automobile safety, automobile bumpers are used to absorb and slow down the external impact force and protect the front and rear parts of the car body. At present, the exterior parts are all non-metallic materials (modified polypropylene, ABS, PVC, PE, etc. ).


After injection molding and spraying, the radar holes, license plate holes and other required avoidance holes or avoidance curves need to be processed to install radar brackets, license plates or other components.


At present, there are three methods on the market: mechanical punching, ultrasonic punching and laser punching.


Ultrasonic punching: The ultrasonic vibration friction is used to generate heat energy instantly, and the mold or cutter contacts the ultrasonic vibration surface under the pressure of the cylinder, so as to achieve the effect of punching.

1) The punching quality is affected by the ambient temperature, and it is prone to burrs and white edges

2) The punch is a consumable and needs to be replaced regularly

3) Most of them are special equipment without flexibility

4) It is difficult to process special-shaped holes and large-sized holes


Mechanical punching: Driven by the power structure, the punching die acts on the material to complete the punching operation.

1) High production and maintenance costs

2) Special machine equipment, no flexibility

3) Multi-processing of unsprayed products will easily affect the adhesion of paint around the hole for products with paint


Laser punching: Through the high power density laser beam, the material quickly vaporizes after absorbing the high energy of the laser, and evaporates to form holes.

1) No need to change tools or punches

2) Highly flexible production, special-shaped holes can be easily formed

3) The quality of the laser cutting section is good, and it has no effect on the spray paint

4) Non-contact cutting, less thermal influence


In response to customer pain points, HGLASER independently developed the first integrated equipment for laser stamping and welding of automobile bumpers in China, which can meet the needs of laser cutting and ultrasonic welding on the same equipment, and meet the highly flexible production needs of "thousands of people and thousands of faces" in automobile OEMs. , not constrained by the emergence of new technologies.


【Where is the "new" laser punching and welding equipment?Can it stand the test of the market?Let's find out! 】


【Technology refresh, speed up and cost reduction】

The RC series automobile bumper punching and welding integrated equipment independently developed by HGLASER adopts the laser punching method and highly integrates the ultrasonic welding function. The system can achieve cutting and welding merging to achieve high cycle production.


Automobile bumper laser stamping and welding integrated equipment processing process

Different from traditional mechanical or ultrasonic punching, laser punching is a non-contact cutting, without consuming tools or punches, saving a lot of maintenance costs; and without changing the equipment configuration, it can easily achieve various sizes Round holes or special-shaped holes are cut at one time, and the production process can achieve "0" consumables.


【Variety cutting, flexible and flexible】

At present, the process of product update and iteration in the automotive market is accelerating. In order to take the lead in the industry, many new process requirements have sprung up. Therefore, it is imperative to develop flexible equipment for multi-variety mixed-line production.


Using mechanical or ultrasonic special equipment, it is bound to need to purchase multiple units, which undoubtedly increases equipment costs and labor costs, and cannot meet the needs of automobile manufacturers for high flexibility.



The laser punching and welding integrated equipment independently developed by HGLASER can be used for multiple purposes in one machine, and the equipment is highly integrated. Its process cutting database can store hundreds of cutting patterns to meet various graphics cutting requirements, and the standard mold change interface can ensure automatic and fast changeover. It can realize the mixed production of different models and meet the needs of diversified, intelligent and flexible production.


【Mature technology is widely used】

Based on the dual advantages of technology and service, HGLASER has reached cooperation with a number of first-tier automobile manufacturers, and its market share ranks first in China.

At present, the main three product series of H-type double-station punching and welding machine, robot flexible laser drilling machine, robot flexible laser drilling machine (with rotary table) have been widely used in fuel vehicle OEMs, new energy vehicles , plastic parts industry, help the automotive industry to reduce costs and increase efficiency.


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【"Light" shines in the future】

Under the "dual carbon" goal, the auto industry is facing new directions and new opportunities. Electrification, networking, and intelligence will become the only way for the development of the auto industry in the future. The traditional auto parts system is also facing structural transformation and industrialization. upgrade, and lasers are still the obvious choice for the automotive industry.


In the future, the HGLASER car bumper punching and welding integrated project team will continue to develop in the direction of intelligence, flexibility and digitization, and jointly open up the future of the automotive industry on the new track of "double carbon".