HGTECH-The Ideal Solution For Super-Heavy Tube Processing


Max. load capacity of 1T per tube

Max. loading and unloading length of 12m

Max. clamping diameter of 380 mm


Do you have the following problems in production?

Super "big", super "long", super "heavy" tube can not be processed precisely?

The cost of "imported" laser processing equipment is expensive and the delivery period is long?


HGTECH self-developed

Heavy Tube Laser Processing Intelligent Equipment

Combining high rigidity, high efficiency and high precision

The ideal choice for your business


  • Features
  1. Fully automatic four-chuck collaboration for all-round multi-point support, strong support for the heavy tube while playing the function of tube deformation correction, to achieve a real sense of "0" tailings

  1. 155 castings are used to integrate the bed for high stability and good vibration absorption

  1. Fully automatic loading and unloading device

  1. Modular design: innovative modular construction combinational design, fast response to multi-scene customer production needs

  1. "Small hole" cutting anti-shake technology: small hole processing accuracy of up to 0.1mm; completely solve the problem of not round enough when cutting heavy pipes.


  • Application industries

Prefabricated construction





Construction machinery


  • Cutting samples