Industry Decoding | How Does China's Laser Weakening Dominate The World, HGLASER Has The Answer

"There is an explosion that can turn the tide and protect your safety to the greatest extent. This is the airbag in the passive safety technology of automobiles - the 'protector' of life."


Early cars all used split inlaid airbags with obvious color difference, which seriously damaged the overall beauty of the instrument panel. With the technological upgrading of the automobile industry, the configuration of invisible airbags in the passenger seat of the instrument panel has become the mainstream for luxury cars as high as one million, and scooters as low as tens of thousands of yuan.


In the application of the cutting process of the invisible airbag weakening line of the automobile dashboard, how should the safety protection manufacturer choose?


lWeakening process large PK

CNC milling weakening: the cutting of the instrument panel by the milling cutter is realized under the control of the CNC program.

  *For hard dash

  *High requirements for cleanliness

  *Machining accuracy is easily affected by external temperature


Hot knife weakening: The preheating knife is embedded in the surface of the workpiece and moved to a certain position to determine the residual thickness.

*For soft dashboards

*Remaining areas are susceptible to compression and deformation

*Low flexibility, 1 set of tools is only suitable for 1 instrument panel


Cold knife weakening: The thin blade drives the cutting of the epidermal airbag area according to the trajectory to form a weakening line

  *For soft dashboards

*It is greatly affected by the ambient temperature

  *When the cutter is worn, the residual thickness is affected


Laser weakening: The laser heat vaporizes the material to generate weakened lines, and the sensor detects and controls the residual thickness

  *Applicable to both hard and soft instrument panels

* Small thermal impact, small deformation, energy saving

*High flexibility and low processing cost


As a modern precision machining method, laser weakening processing is a non-contact, non-cutting force, and less thermally affected processing method compared with traditional processing methods (CNC milling weakening, cold tool weakening, hot tool weakening, etc.). It is suitable for most of the current common materials, such as slush-molded leather materials TPO, PU, vacuum-formed skin materials PVC, ABS, etc.


It can process a single material such as PP injection-molded instrument panel upper body, as well as a slush-molded instrument panel upper body cured by skeleton, foam layer and skin cross-linking. Therefore, the laser weakening processing technology has a wide range of materials and obvious advantages.


lScience popularization class: What is the laser weakening process?

The laser weakening process is to use the high energy of the laser to focus the laser beam within the range of about 0.2 mm to obtain a power density as high as 108 ~ 1010W/cm² or even higher. On the plate, the material at its focal point vaporizes rapidly after absorbing the high energy of the laser, forming small holes that penetrate or do not penetrate (as needed), the thickness of the material in these small hole areas becomes thinner, and the breaking strength is reduced, so that it can be exposed to the outside world. When impacted, it breaks first.


lFill the domestic gap from 0 to 1

Due to the lack of core technologies such as the full closed-loop control system for weakening the residual thickness, the laser weakening equipment for the airbag line was monopolized by foreign countries in the past, and customers in my country's automobile industry were deeply affected by its "expensive price, long supply cycle, inability to handle after-sales service in time and High cost and high price of supporting fixtures".


In 2008, HGLASER, as the "national team" in the laser field, formed an "iron triangle" with Huazhong University of Science and Technology and a well-known domestic car company, and successfully developed the first domestic set of automobile instruments suitable for multi-variety production with completely independent intellectual property rights. The laser weakening technology and equipment for panel airbags meet the manufacturing needs of high precision, high stability, high flexibility and aesthetics in the automotive field, and become the only two companies in the world and the only domestic company that can provide laser weakening technology and equipment.


The launch of the first set of domestic laser weakening equipment has filled the technical gap in related fields in China, broke the industry monopoly of foreign companies, forced the import price of products to be reduced by more than 20%, and vigorously promoted the development of my country's automobile enterprises.


*The first domestic car dashboard laser weakening equipment


At present, HGLASER's first laser weakening equipment has been running smoothly at the customer site for 13 years, and has gradually formed mass sales, and its market share has continued to expand. Through strength, it has been proved that the processing accuracy, reliability and stability of domestic equipment can be comparable to the level of imported equipment.


lTechnology empowers safety above all else

Airbags are used only once in the entire life cycle of a car, but it is this single use that determines the life and death of the driver and occupant. Therefore, the production process of the automobile airbag itself must ensure safety and accuracy, so as to ensure that the product meets the design requirements in only one use.



Relevant national laws and regulations stipulate that the production data of each airbag must be kept for a 15-year retroactive time limit.


HGLASER's fifth-generation automotive instrument panel airbag laser weakening equipment is equipped with a self-developed fully closed-loop control system. By setting a series of quality inspection points, the production process is accurately recorded, calculated and stored in the database to ensure that defective products are not selected. components, and realize 100% process data traceability of products, "escort" for safe driving.


High security

When the airbag explodes, the airbag will give the cover an instant huge force, pushing the airbag cover to open along the airbag line; therefore, the accuracy of the remaining thickness of the airbag weakening line is very important to the protection of life safety. effect. If the remaining thickness is too thin, there will be traces on the appearance of the instrument panel, which cannot achieve the invisible effect, and will affect the life of the instrument panel; if the remaining thickness is too thick, it will affect the blasting effect, and it will not be able to pop up in time according to the established trajectory to protect people's lives.


The fifth-generation automotive instrument panel laser weakening equipment, its core component - the residual thickness sensor closed-loop control system can ensure that the entire weakening process is highly precise and fully controllable, and the residual thickness of point weakening can be uniformly controlled within the accuracy of 0.15±0.05mm. The safety factor during blasting has been greatly improved, making the airbag a "talisman" of life.


High cost performance

Compared with imported products, domestic laser weakening equipment is not only not inferior in performance, but also more reasonable in price. At present, the price range of imported equipment is almost 2-3 times that of domestic equipment, and after-sales service is expensive.


Having been deeply involved in the industry for many years, HGLASER has many mature application cases and can provide customers with customized design solutions and localized after-sales service.


Innovation comes first

With the increase of national regulations on safety products year by year and the rapid growth of China's automobile market, airbags will become the standard configuration of various models. Intelligent and multiple airbags are the inevitable trend of the development of the overall airbag system in the future. Therefore, my country's safety The airbag market will face huge market demand.


In the future, HGLASER will keep up with the tide of the times, continuously optimize and upgrade the airbag laser weakening equipment, and continue to increase the research and development of core technologies such as control systems, so as to help the automobile industry sail far.