HGTECH Overseas Event-The 19th Seoul International Manufacturing Technology Show

Date: 2022/ 5/ 23 - 5/ 27

Venue: KINTEX Center, Seoul, Korea

Booth: 07E620




The seventh stop of HGTECH 2022 WorldTour is coming, aiming to bring the latest "laser + intelligent manufacturing" cutting-edge technology to global customers.


In 2021, we established our Korean branch. This year, HGTECH's localization strategy and overseas sales network continue to empower the stable development of overseas markets. With the support of local technicians and service team in Korea, and the strong link with domestic sales team —— here we come!


HGTECH 2022 WorldTour: Stop 7th

SIMTOS has chosen the exhibition theme as 'Back to the Basics', plans to go beyond the limits of online exhibitions and faithfully perform its original function to provide an optimal marketplace for exhibitors and visitors, focusing on 'Cutting' and 'Digital Manufacturing', connecting the supply and demand sides of the industry, following the latest industry trends in the machining market, reflecting future technologies and smart manufacturing trends.


The most advanced products for the biggest show

In this exhibition, we brought 3 big muscles here: WALC bevel laser cutting machine, MARVEL laser cutting machine, and tube laser cutting machine, taking into account the market demand.


WALC bevel laser cutting machine


  • Machine mounted structure: The crossbeam has a large cross-sectional frame with an integral moving structure and synchronized drive of bilateral wheels and strips; the crossbeam is equipped with a variety of core components such as the electrical cabinet, water circuit system, Z-axis box, cutting head, and operating table.
  • User friendly operation: The laser cutting special CNC system combined with the configuration of oversized working table enhances the user friendly operation and the movement is stable and reliable.
  • Customized service: The fixed working table can be customized for easy loading of large plates, and small plates can be processed while loading.


MARVEL laser cutting machine


  • High accuracy: up to ±0.05mm in high-speed motion
  • Multi-yield: Maximum 220% increase in yield
  • New process: 6 new applications for high power cutting
  • Upgrade FARLEY2300A CNC system functions

Equipped with intelligent cloud platform to collaboratively manage multiple devices, achieving production scheduling management, remote monitoring, sending production schedules, and sharing drawing files in the cloud.


Tube laser cutting machine


  • The machine bed adopts welded structure, annealed and vibration aging treatment, which completely eliminates the stress of welding and processing, with good rigidity, high precision and can keep long time stable without deformation.
  • The core Siemens CNC system is powerful, stable and reliable.
  • The lead screw guide rail, laser source, cutting head and pneumatic components all adopt the top level hardware configuration to bring out the maximum performance of the equipment.
  • The original three-chuck cutting function can save the tail material to the maximum extent.


Cutting samples:




Strive to shine overseas

Relying on overseas branches and agent networks across all continents, HGTECH gives full play to the advantages of localized sales and after-sales teams in multiple regions around the world, enabling overseas business performance to continue to climb.


On the first day of the exhibition, 8 orders were successfully signed on site! Congratulations to the team in Korea!


For many years, they have been giving their efforts to sell products, supporting professional training and after-sale services to local clients. Thanks to their driving force and customers' trust, HGTECH is now a distinguished provider of laser cutting solutions in Korea.


23 - 27 May, KINTEX Center, Seoul, Booth 07E620, be sure to come and experience the ultra-high power laser cutting up close!