Cool! HGTECH participated in the development of the first domestic rail laser strengthening vehicle

Under the scorching sun, a 14-meter "special car" slowly moved along the long rail. As the mechanical arm at the rear of the car turned the telescopic room, the laser was precisely aligned with the rail for precise work.

This is the first domestic rail laser strengthened car. The HG Laser United Iron and Steel Institute affiliated to HGTECH, Huazhong University of Science and Technology and other units jointly undertake one of the achievements of the national "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" key research and development projects. Strengthening and remanufacturing of the track to increase the height of the track. 


This rail laser-enhanced car is a container-type structure, which is composed of high-power laser, driving car, flat car and several compartments. The first container body and the second container body are installed above the flatbed. The compartment of the first container body includes a driving room, an operation room and a power generation room. The end of the second container body is provided with a working room and a lower part In order to drive the carts, they are all independent and separable. The locked manipulator, the head of the manipulator is a special laser head, which strengthens the entire surface of the rail.


As a pioneer in this field, in the process of equipment development, many challenges were encountered. One of the most vexing problems is how to achieve the ingenious organic integration of "fine" laser beams and "rough" heavy rail equipment. Laser is a high-precision technology that requires a relatively stable operating environment. During the repair process of the rail, the vehicle must remain in a driving state. Factors such as engine vibration seriously affect the strengthening and repair process of the rail. In this regard, the project members have conducted numerous discussions, plan formulation, and test trials, using a reasonable intermediate drive method, using hydraulic lifting and retracting drive trolleys, which can achieve constant speed reinforcement of the entire rail surface when placed on the rail surface Treatment, when the driving car is stowed, the whole car can be quickly driven away from the operation area. Interrupt spaces are set in the middle of the front and rear parts of the car body to reduce the transmission of the vibration of the generator set to the rear car body and realize precise processing of the track surface.


With the rapid development of China's high-speed rail, intercity, municipal railways and urban rail transportation, the scale of operating mileage continues to expand. As the infrastructure for carrying trains, rails bear huge operating pressure, resulting in serious wear and tear. The service life is continuously shortened and the frequency of replacement is increased. , Causing significant economic losses. It is understood that this rail laser strengthening vehicle can not only strengthen the new rail, but also strengthen or remanufacture the old rail, so that the wear resistance of the rail is increased by about 14 times, and the service life of the rail is greatly improved. Transportation and rail transportation provide security and stability guarantees, and have significant economic and social benefits. At present, the rail laser strengthening vehicle has completed various technical tests and will be put on the market in the future.


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