The Application of Laser Technology in Medical Device Manufacturing From intelligent equipment, automated production lines to smart factories, HGLaser delves deep into the pain points and challenges of the medical device industry. Leveraging the high precision, flexibility, adaptability, a... more
From Intelligent Production Lines to Smart Factories, HGTECH's High-end Shipbuilding Intelligent Manufacturing Project Has Made New Progress Recently, HGTECH signed a cooperation agreement with Shandong Xinneng Shipbuilding Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Xinneng Shipbuilding") on shipbuilding intelligent manufacturing. And the two parties will cooperate ... more
The Application Advantages of Laser Marking Machines in PCB Manufacturing PCB Laser marking requires no consumables, has low costs, fast speed, and provides permanent marking. Its efficiency, high speed, and clarity bring significant advantages to PCB manufacturers. more
Advantages of Glass Laser Cutting Technology and Its Application in the Automobile Manufacturing Sector Glass laser cutting machines play a crucial role in the manufacturing of car window. By controlling the energy and timing of the laser beam, these machines can achieve precise cutting of window glass, ensuring dimensional ... more
How Domestic Laser Weakening Stands Out, HGLaser Has the Answer Laser weakening technology utilizes the high energy of lasers by focusing the laser beam within a range of approximately 0.2 mm, achieving power densities as high as 108 to 1010 W/cm², or even higher. By applying frequenc... more
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