AI for Laser technology! HGTECH Releases AI-enabled Platform In the era of innovation-driven comprehensive competition, HGTECH actively explores how AI empowers the field of Laser + Smart Manufacturing. Through research and development, product innovation, and market practices, we a... more
Why are Tire Mold Cleanings not Thorough? Common Problems and Solutions in Tire Mold Cleaning HGLaser has developed tire molds online and offline laser cleaning intelligent equipment. They have overcome several core components and processes such as lasers, cleaning heads, and visual guidance technology. They have i... more
Advantages of Automatic Loading and Unloading Systems for Fiber Laser Cutting Machine 1. Improved Efficiency Robotic automated loading and unloading systems are characterized by high speed and high precision, capable of completing a large number of repetitive loading and unloading tasks in a short period... more
Tire Mold Laser Cleaning - Why It's the Best Choice? Furthermore, our equipment utilizes a 3D vision system to automatically identify mold types. The cleaning head autonomously aligns with the center of the mold, enabling robotic automatic cleaning. The electric transfer veh... more
The Application of Laser Technology in Medical Device Manufacturing From intelligent equipment, automated production lines to smart factories, HGLaser delves deep into the pain points and challenges of the medical device industry. Leveraging the high precision, flexibility, adaptability, a... more
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