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The 14th National Laser Processing Conference was held in Guangzhou On November 6, 2020. Nearly 500 industry professionals, 150 native and foreign universities, research institutes and companies gathered together to talk about the future of laser development.


General manager from HGlaser Precision Manufacture Department, Jiangang Wang were invited to the conference, who gave a speech on the topic of Application Trends of Micro-Nano Processing, from the perspective of industry applications and material changes, interpreting the inevitable trend of the wide application of micro-nano processing, further analysis of the gap between existing technology and market demand, and looking forward to the future The development direction of micro-nano processing.



Lasers are in the golden age of development. The core driving force for the growth of industrial lasers depends on the continuous penetration and replacement of traditional processes by laser technology. Increasing demand for laser equipment in the industrial market promotes laser technology progress. The pace in the two directions of high-power macro processing and precision micro-nano processing has been greatly accelerated.


As a technology that integrates multiple disciplines and covers multiple fields, laser micro-nano processing can meet the processing needs of large size, high precision and high efficiency, and will become an important direction for the development of laser processing in the future.


As a technology that integrates multiple disciplines and covers much fields, laser micro-nano processing can meet the processing needs of large size, high precision and high efficiency, and will become an important direction for the development of laser processing in the future.


Industry Application


3C industry: The transform of mobile phones from mobile terminals to smart terminals means that the functional requirements of mobile phones are increasing, and mobile phone modules are highly integrated and thinner. Laser micro-nano processing brings its superiority in new materials and high-precision requirements.


Display panel industry: The demand for full screens, 8k high-resolution screens, curved surfaces and folding screens is increasing in the market. Panels are developing towards high-density displays and flexible materials. Large-size and high-precision processing demands are urgently needed. The micro-nano processing capability has been validated in the market for OLED flexible screen cutting and laser repair.



5G industry: The radio frequency layer is developing towards miniaturization, light weight, and high integration. Micro-nano laser technology has more applications in high frequency and low loss materials of signal transmission layer.


Automobile industry: In addition to the process applications of traditional cutting, welding and so on , It will all apply micro-nano processing on electronic display, sensor technology and energy-saving technology with 5G development.



New energy industry: Laser micro-nano processing plays a powerful role in tab cutting, isolation film cutting and other processing processes to meet the requirements of improving battery energy density and processing accuracy.


Aerospace industry: micro-nano processing is widely used in aero engine injectors and turbine blade air film holes. The fiber-reinforced composite materials required for the lightweight of aircraft will expand the application of micro-nano processing technology in the future.


Processed Materials


Brittle materials: With 3C and 5G related industries, glass, ceramics and other materials are developing towards hard and brittle. Laser micro-nano processing has replaced traditional one by laser cutting, drilling, welding, marking, micro-nano structure and removal, which can achieve both the improvement of processing efficiency and effect.


Flexible material: large-size, high-precision laser micro-nano processing has become indispensable, and even the only feasible processing tool, to achieve full laser processing of laser cutting, drilling, stripping, marking, annealing and removal. Processing requirements will be higher in the future and micro-nano processing keeps being optimized.


Advanced Technology


Laser micro-nano processing is necessary for market demand and  industrial laser field and keeps developing, but the current processing situation faces three problems below:


* Scale to accuracy

* Efficiency to effect

* Cost and selling price




Actively exploring ways to resolve the above problems, seeking solutions from multiple angles:


· Processing with high-power ultra-fast lasers: reduce the price per watt and increase processing efficiency. Looking to the next three years, kilowatt-level lasers will become the market option and will be gradually applied.


· Ultra-high-speed laser scanning technology: the scanning processing speed is increased from 10 m/s to 200 m/s, giving full play to the role of high-power ultra-fast lasers and improving processing efficiency.


· Make high-efficiency cold processing possible through the customized laser beam and continue to develop higher-point parallel processing technology, and accelerate to expand batch applications.


· Meet large-format, high-precision, high-dynamic processing requirements through galvanometer and linear motion platform, and accurate to unit pulse level opto-electromechanical coordinated control technology


· Hundred-watt single-mode photonic crystal fiber can greatly improve the ease of use of micro-nano processing equipment. In the future, it is necessary to increase the power and acceptable pulse energy.


· The detection technology for precise control of the process has been applied to specific scenarios diversification of testing parameters is needed to improve the consistency and reliability of processing in the future.



As the world's leading provider of laser machine and intelligent manufacturing solutions, HGLaser has built the most well-system laser processing chain in China, which includes core components, laser light sources, complete laser machine and intelligent manufacturing.



HGLaser is actively exploring and building a well-system laser intelligent solutions in the field of brittle material processing, including shape cutting, assembly, surface treatment, traceability, and defect detection. Make efforts on its research and development to meet market demand with a full set of solutions in brittle material processing.



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