What are the precautions for laser cutting in the early stage of high-end logo production?

High-end logo products not only have higher requirements for product design concepts and creativity, but also have higher standards for production and production than conventional commercial products. The surface of a high-quality high-end logo product must not have curved surfaces other than the design arc, whether it is the front or the side, and has extremely high requirements for flatness and smooth transition of curves.

laser cutting

In the traditional mechanical cutting mode in the past, no matter how experienced the logo production technician, no matter how hard they work, they cannot guarantee the smooth transition effect of the cutting surface at a higher level, and even the flatness of the straight cutting surface cannot be guaranteed. This is not cutting corners, but It is limited by the constraints of machinery and equipment at the time.


This year is 2019. This problem has been fundamentally changed. The wide application of large laser cutting machines in the sign industry has provided great convenience for high-end sign production. However, modern digitally controlled large-scale laser cutting machines have a lot of risks for some newcomers who do not have the basis of CNC and occupational health awareness. A beam of light can easily cut hard materials such as steel plates. You can imagine it. How powerful is the energy of the beam.


In the process of making high-end signs, major manufacturers must pay attention to the use of large-scale laser cutting machine specifications. It needs to be repeatedly emphasized to avoid accidents causing personal injury. The matters that need to be paid attention to during the operation are specifically reflected in the following five aspects.


1. Before operating on the machine, you must go through strict training, be familiar with various operating specifications and basic knowledge of equipment maintenance, and prohibit all untrained personnel from contacting any part of the laser cutting machine. Like electric welding and high-altitude operations, many industries, including the labeling industry, require strict vocational training before they can work if they are qualified;


2. Operators must wear gloves and special protective glasses. For conventional mechanical work types, there is basically a requirement to wear gloves. In the marking industry, it is necessary to wear gloves when it comes to various golden houses. It is more necessary to wear gloves to grow metal plates in dry fields.


As for the special protective glasses, it is actually easier to understand. Our most common scene is during electric welding. Due to the strong light, the operator must wear a mask to protect the eyes and prevent accidental damage caused by sparks. The beam energy of the laser cutting machine is higher than that of electric welding, so the protection measures must not be sloppy;


3. The protective door must be closed to start the light cutting. The principle is the same as the electric welding operation. Take protective measures before starting the operation, but the laser cutting machine is more advanced and humanized, and the cutting area is sealed by the large machine shell. Up, only a certain range of inlet and outlet channels and special protective doors for equipment maintenance are reserved. All protective doors must be closed before the light exit operation to ensure that the entire laser cutting process is controlled inside the machine;


4. It is forbidden to observe the non-protected windows during the light cutting. Due to the special structure of the large laser cutting machine, different types of visual windows are set in each position of the machine. Some windows are not protected due to their functional properties. Therefore, operators or non-operating study visitors are not allowed to observe the window privately, and must observe the working status and process of the laser cutting machine through the protective window under the guidance of professional operators.


In general, under the general trend of people increasingly pursuing meticulous work, transformation and upgrading have been fully carried out in all walks of life in the whole society. High-end logo design and production are the inevitable choice of the times, and the "high-end" of logo products, "Refinement" and "modernization" can only be realized with the help of high-precision machinery and equipment including large laser cutting machines. When new equipment comes, it needs relevant professional staff to operate it.

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