Application of Laser in The Field of Glass Drilling

Glass is everywhere in people's daily life. It can be said to be one of the most important materials to promote the development of contemporary human civilization. It has a lasting and far-reaching impact on modern human society. It is not only widely used in construction, automobiles, household goods and packaging, but also a key material in cutting-edge fields such as energy, biomedicine, information and communication, electronics, aerospace, and optoelectronics. Drilling glass is a common processing technology, which is often used in various types of industrial substrates, display panels, civil glass, decoration, sanitary ware, photovoltaics, and display covers in the electronics industry. However, high brittleness, high hardness, poor heat dissipation, large thermal expansion coefficient, and large chipping have become important problems that plague glass drilling technology.



Glass laser drilling technology has the advantages of high precision, strong versatility, high efficiency, low cost and significant comprehensive technical and economic benefits, and has become one of the key technologies in the field of modern manufacturing. It can drill holes in various materials such as hard, brittle, soft, etc., with high speed, high efficiency and good economic benefits; it is suitable for the processing of a large number of high-density group holes. Glass instrument laser drilling machine can process ultra-micro holes, the quality of the light spot is good, the hole is round, and the aperture size and position of each workpiece are consistent, and the quality and effect of the processing are very high-quality, which is also widely used by laser equipment.


Moreover, the laser drilling speed of glass instruments is very fast. A tiny hole can be completed within a few seconds, and glass drilling can be processed in batches in a short time. The economic benefits created are N times that of traditional mechanical drilling. Moreover, there are no consumables for UV laser drilling of glass, only electricity is needed, and the power consumption is small and negligible, which directly reduces the cost of manual operation and consumables, maximizing economic benefits.


Laser glass processing has the following characteristics:

1. Fast speed, high precision, good stability, non-contact processing, the yield rate is much higher than traditional processing technology;


2. The minimum diameter of the glass drilling hole is 0.2mm, and any specification such as square hole, round hole, step hole, etc. can be processed;


3. Using the processing method of vibrating mirror drilling, using the point-by-point effect of a single pulse on the substrate material, the laser focus is installed on the predetermined path to scan and move quickly on the glass to realize the removal of the glass material;


4. Processing from bottom to top, the laser passes through the material and focuses on the lower surface of the material, and removes the material layer by layer starting from the bottom. During the processing, the material will not appear taper, and the upper and lower holes have the same diameter, realizing high-precision and efficient "digital" glass drilling.



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