Advantages of Handheld Laser Welding Machine

In recent years, the laser industry is more and more widely used, laser welding technology has gradually replaced the traditional arc welding, electrical welding and other welding technology. In the field of automotive manufacturing, there are relevant data show that: in developed countries in the West, about 70% of automotive parts are completed by laser welding technology.





1. Wide welding range: the hand-held welding head is equipped with 5m-10M original optical fiber, which overcomes the limitation of the workbench space and can be used for outdoor welding and long-distance welding;


2. Flexible to use: Hand-held laser welding is equipped with moving pulleys, which is comfortable to hold and can adjust the station at any time without fixed-point stations. It is free and flexible, and is suitable for various working environment scenarios.


3. Various welding methods: welding at any angle can be realized: stack welding, butt welding, vertical welding, flat fillet welding, inner fillet welding, outer fillet welding, etc., and can weld various workpieces with complex weld seams and larger workpieces with irregular shapes. Realize welding at any angle. In addition, welding and cutting can be switched freely just by changing the welding copper nozzle to the cutting copper nozzle, which is very convenient.


4. Good welding effect: Hand-held laser welding is thermal fusion welding. Compared with traditional welding, laser welding has higher energy density and can achieve better welding effect. The welding area has little thermal influence, is not easy to deform, blacken, and has traces on the back , the welding depth is large, the melting is sufficient, firm and reliable, and the weld strength reaches or even exceeds the base metal itself, which cannot be guaranteed by ordinary welding machines.


5. No need to be polished: The welded joints need to be polished to ensure smoothness and not roughness in traditional welding. The handheld laser welding just reflects more advantages in the processing effect: continuous welding, smooth and no fish scales, beautiful and no scars, less follow-up grinding process.


6. Welding without consumables: In most people's minds, the welding operation is "goggles in the left hand and welding wire in the right hand". However, with the hand-held laser welding machine, welding can be easily completed, which reduces the cost of materials for production and processing.


7. With multiple safety alarms, the touch switch is only effective when the welding tip touches metal, and the light will be automatically locked after removing the workpiece, and the touch switch has a body temperature sensor. High safety, ensuring the safety of the operator during work.


8. Labor cost saving: Compared with arc welding, the processing cost can be reduced by about 30%. The operation is easy to learn and quick to use, and the technical threshold for operators is not high. Ordinary workers can go to work after a short training, and can easily achieve high-quality welding results.


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