Application Of Metal Laser Cutting Machine In Furniture Market

In addition to being widely used in large industries such as sheet metal processing , hardware cabinets, elevator processing, hotel metal products, etc., metal laser cutting machines are now also being used in the furniture industry used by ordinary people, integrating exquisite cutting and hollowing techniques into the original dull and cold metal materials, lighting up a new starting point for modern metal furniture design!



For thousands of years, the production and manufacturing of furniture in China have continued in the mode of carpentry, but the traditional handicraft can no longer meet the production capacity demand of the current furniture industry.


Since the introduction of foreign wood-based panel technology in the 1970s and 1980s, a modern panel production line has been established, and panel furniture has seized most of the market share of traditional solid wood furniture.


As one of the most popular cutting technologies, laser cutting has been widely used in modern home decoration. Compared with the traditional cutting technology, the laser cutting machine can cut workpieces with better quality and reduce processing procedures.


Due to the difficulty of metal processing, metal furniture in the past was very expensive. However, sheet metal processing has the advantages of arbitrary graphics, arbitrary adjustment of size and depth, high precision, fast speed, smooth cut without burrs, automatic typesetting saving materials, no mold consumption, etc., which solves many problems encountered in metal processing.


In addition, today's furniture market is seriously homogenized. In this era of pursuing individuality, the mass production mode is far from meeting the diversified needs of modern society. However. Compared with the traditional processing method, the laser cutting machine can provide more types of furniture products at the same cost and output. While ensuring the processing accuracy, it can realize the diversification and multi-function of furniture products.


Most of the furniture products need to be processed with metal pipes and plates. Therefore, in order to meet the processing needs of the furniture market, the enterprise will develop metal plate laser cutting machines and metal tube plate laser cutting machines of different formats for customers to choose freely to meet the processing processes of metal furniture such as pipe cutting, plate cutting, hollowing, etc. Let customers maximize production efficiency, reduce costs, and find a new starting point for modern furniture design!


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