Application Of Metal Laser Cutting Technology In Sheet Metal Processing

Do you know? Sheet metal processing has occupied one third of the world's metal processing, and its application fields are extremely wide, almost in all walks of life.




1、Processing Method Of Sheet Metal


The cutting process of sheet metal includes: laser cutting, plasma cutting, flame cutting, plate shears, stamping, etc. Among them, laser cutting technology is the most popular and booming technology in recent years In the field of laser cutting of sheet metal, laser can perform perfect and effective cutting from ultra-thin sheet metal of micron level to thick sheet metal of tens of millimeters.


In a sense, metal laser cutting machine has brought a significant technological revolution for sheet metal processing. Compared with traditional cutting methods, metal laser cutting machine is easier to understand and learn, and has absolute advantages in processing effect and speed required by businesses.


Therefore, it is believed that laser cutting machine is the trend of the times in the selection of cutting methods in the future.


2. Application Advantages Of Laser Cutting In Sheet Metal Processing


First of all, the laser can focus into tiny light spots, which can be used for micro and precision machining, such as the machining of micro narrow slots and micro holes.


Secondly, laser can cut almost all materials, including two-dimensional or three-dimensional cutting of thin metal plates.


Finally, metal laser processing does not need tools, which belongs to non-contact processing and has no mechanical deformation.


Therefore, laser cutting  with high efficiency, high energy and high flexibility is the best choice for the sheet metal processing industry in terms of precision, speed and efficiency. Some traditional plates that are difficult to cut or have low cutting quality can be easily solved after laser cutting. Especially for the processing of some carbon steel plates, metal laser cutting machines have an unshakable position.


It can be seen that metal laser cutting has changed the "rules of the game" of traditional sheet metal processing and our way of thinking about product manufacturing.


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