HGTECH at 2022 EuroBLECH

EuroBLECH is the world's leading, professional and influential trade fair for sheet metal processing. As a vertical trade show, it covers the entire sheet metal working technology chain and offers the industry sector a unique marketplace for knowledge transfer, individual manufacturing solutions and worldwide business contacts.


As one of the largest laser equipment manufacturers in China and a leader in the laser industry, HGTECH has a strong heritage and rich experience in the development and manufacturing of key laser technologies for more than 40 years.


October 25th-28th, HGTECH brought New Generation Marvel Series Automated Intelligent Equipment to the expo and it was a huge hit!

laser cutting machine

  • High efficiency: maximum 320% increase in cutting efficiency; maximum X,Y positioning speed of 169m/min, maximum acceleration of 3G.
  • New technology: high speed perforation flying cut, expert cutting process database accumulated by 20 years of experience.
  • Intellectualization: optional visual positioning, automatic nozzle change, hydraulic lifting table, sheet metal automation and three-dimensional material storage.
  • Excellent system: equipped with new upgraded FARLEY A+ 2300 operating system; self-developed special cutting HMI software interface, convenient operation, self-contained production information statistics, high openness of the system, can be extended to achieve customized MES interface.

HGTECH has been deeply engaged in laser intelligent manufacturing for many years and has a mature streamlined intelligent manufacturing line. We have also created a number of automated cutting sheet metal production lines for international customers, realizing automated, batch and process-based production of standard products.


HGTECH's booth attracted the attention of many exhibitors, and there were a lot of customers coming to consult.

Live demonstration & answer questions. That's our professional team~

Based on technological innovation and focusing on industry development, HGTECH continues to make efforts in the field of sheet metal processing and builds the entire industrial chain of "laser + intelligent manufacturing" to meet the diversified needs of customers.