Honor | HGTECH Won Two Awards In Ofweek 2022

Recently, the "Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 Annual Selection of Laser Industry" and "Vico Cup · OFweek 2022 Annual Selection of China's Automotive Industry" sponsored by the high-tech industry portal OFweek were held in Shenzhen. After expert review and public voting,HGTECH won double awards:


·Laser Intelligent Equipment Technology Innovation Award: large scale high-power laser bevel cutting intelligent equipment.


·Outstanding Contribution Award for Automotive Manufacturing Process Solutions: New Energy Battery Module and Battery Box Welding Automation Production Line.




Laser Intelligent Equipment Technology Innovation Award








  • Large Area High Power Laser
  • Groove Cutting Intelligent Equipment

The equipment is used in the bridge industry, heavy industry, steel structure industry, shipbuilding and other national key industries, and its technical strength is leading in China.


·High Precision: internal/external contour corner groove cutting, full groove cutting accuracy ± 1mm, root retention accuracy ± 1mm


·High Efficiency: groove cutting, one-time piercing and forming


·The world's first groove processing equipment with a width of 6m, customized format.




Outstanding Contribution Award for Automotive Manufacturing Process Solutions







  • New energy battery module
  • And automatic production line for battery box welding


This production line is a dedicated new energy battery module and battery box welding automation production line, which solves the problems of welding process development and mass production of various battery modules in copper, aluminum series parallel lug welding and battery boxes in new material fields such as aluminum alloy and high-strength steel.


  • 50+implementation projects
  • 6m/min processing speed, the fastest production beat is 50s
  • 20+patents


HGTECH will adhere to innovation driven and market oriented, increase investment in research and development around the major strategic needs of the country, accelerate the pace of tackling key problems, and promote the development of sheet metal manufacturing, new energy, 3C electronics and other industries to a better and deeper direction!