Focus On Dawan District And Go To South China Together! Laser Brings These Intelligent Dry Goods At Leap Expo

South China International Intelligent Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo


On November 15, HGTECH went to Shenzhen with the Latest Laser+Intelligent Manufacturing Solutions to participate in the South China International Smart Manufacturing, Advanced Electronics and Laser Technology Expo (hereinafter referred to as LEAP Expo).


How about the site? Follow the steps of Laser Master and feel the enthusiasm from Shenzhen~


Come To Hall 6 To Capture The Figure Of Huagong Laser


Booth 6E01



Laser Shows You The Powerful Ability Of Laser Intelligent Manufacturing!


Focusing on the huge potential of the laser processing market in South China, relying on the industrial cluster synergy effect of Guangdong Hong Kong Macao Greater Bay Area, Huagong Laser has brought cutting-edge solutions in 3C electronics, new energy and smart cars, sheet metal manufacturing, PCB microelectronics and other industries. On site, laser leaders and "light seekers" talked together about the cutting-edge of intelligent manufacturing.


HGTECH Brings Cutting-Edge Dry Goods In 3C Industry


At the "Laser Process Enabling Consumer Electronics Innovation and Manufacturing Seminar" held at the same time, Huagong Laser brought laser technology to the forefront of 3C industry, and high-precision and high-energy laser processing developed in depth along intelligent equipment, automatic production lines and smart factories.


Subdivide Industry Samples To Show The Charm Of Laser Intelligent Manufacturing


Focusing on the "light boundless intelligent future", HGTECH has continuously deepened the ability and level of laser intelligent manufacturing, launched a number of "industry-leading, domestic substitution" and "specialized, refined, and new" solutions in 3C electronics, new energy, semiconductor and other emerging areas of advantage, actively explored the global market, and gave full play to the role of the demonstration engine of intelligent manufacturing cluster.



Come To 6E01 Booth To Experience Richer And Deeper Laser Intelligent Manufacturing Hard Power! 




HGTECH is the pioneer and leader of laser industrial application in China, and the authoritative provider of global laser processing solutions. We comprehensively layout the construction of laser intelligent equipment, measurement and automation production lines, and smart factories to provide an overall solution for intelligent manufacturing.


We deeply grasp the development trend of manufacturing industry, constantly enrich products and solutions, adhere to exploring the integration of automation, informatization, intelligence and manufacturing industry, and provide various industries with laser cutting systems, laser welding systems, laser marking series, laser texturing complete equipment, laser heat treatment systems, laser drilling machines, lasers and various supporting devices The overall plan for the construction of special laser processing equipment and plasma cutting equipment, as well as automatic production lines and smart factories.