Great Honor|HGLaser won three awards in OFweek2020 Laser Industry

Focus the advanced technology of laser, explore the new trends of laser industry.


OFweek2020 Advanced Laser Technology Application Summit and the "Veco Cup" annual selection awards ceremony came to an end. Relying on innovative R&D and professional services, HGlaser was successfully shortlisted and won a triple industry award after online voting and expert judges.


01 Technology Innovation Award for Precision Laser Equipment- Ultrafast Laser Glass Welding Equipment


As a new product launched by HGLASER in 2020, ultra-fast laser glass welding equipment has its quality and prospects quickly recognized by the industry in the short term.

Nowadays there have always been many difficulties and problems in the processing of special-shaped 3D structures of brittle and transparent materials and glass welding. How does the HGlaser ultra-fast laser glass welding equipment win the favor of the market?



Ultra-fast laser glass welding equipment uses femtosecond laser to accurately control pulse energy output; and uses focus following, real-time coaxial camera imaging, power monitoring, etc., to accurately monitor the processing process, opening up the process of cleaning-clamping-welding-heat treatment The entire process channel.

· Core high stability light source: equipped with femtosecond laser

· A wide range of welding glass thickness: the thickness of the lower layer material is compatible with thicknesses of 3mm and below, and the upper layer material thickness is not required

· Good welding effect: no visible micro cracks and discoloration can be realized after welding

· Wide range of application scenarios: such as chip packaging, 3C product special-shaped welding, precision instruments and other fields.

In the rapidly changing 3C application field, with more and more welding applications of transparent and brittle materials, femtosecond laser welding is becoming an effective solution for glass welding due to its unique characteristics of multiphoton absorption, it has a great development prospect.


02 Laser Industry Application Case Award-AUTOBOT 3D 5 axis laser cutting machine


AUTOBOT 3D 5 axis laser cutting machine won the laser industry application case award. Since it was launched in 2017, this equipment has broken the five-year monopoly of foreign equipment vendors. With its extremely high comprehensive performance, it has become the first brand of domestically produced three-dimensional five-axis laser equipment in the automotive thermoforming market, and has been unanimously recognized by the industry and customers.


03 2020 Outstanding Person Award In Laser Industry -HGlaser General Manager,Jiake Deng

HGlaser general manager, Jiake Deng won "2020 Veco Cup Outstanding Person Award In Laser Industry

Facing the needs of manufacturing transformation and upgrading in recent years, , HGLaser has been keeping innovating in technology, deeply integrate core technology research and development with industry market development, and work with partners to create an complete solution for laser intelligent manufacturing. Intensive cultivation and continuous exploration in laser industry have promote China's intelligent manufacturing surging forward.


HGlaser continues to uphold the concept of "innovation drives the future", keeping development in laser industry, catch up with market demand, and hit on the road of "Motivation and efficiency with intelligence"!

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