The First Domestic FPC Full-Automatic Cover Film Laser Cutting Machine Get In Overseas High-end Market

In June of this year, the FPC Full-Automatic Cover Film Laser Cutting Machine newly developed by HGLASER which is the core subsidiary of HGTECH, was sent to the customer's factory in a certain country. Affected by CONVID-19, it adopted a remote connection method to assist customers in completing related installation and debugging work. The equipment is currently in good condition.


The equipment of HGTECH is the first FPC Full-Automatic Cover Film Laser Cutting Machine to export,which serves the world's largest flexible printed circuit board manufacturing company, being used for the production of flexible circuit boards such as automotive electronics and 3C electronics.


FPC is a highly reliable flexible printed circuit board made of PI or PET as the base material. It is used in smart phones and tablet computers. It will also be used in wearable devices and smart cars in the future. Compared with traditional processing methods such as die cutters, laser non-contact processing is more high-quality and efficient, and has become the mainstream processing method applied in the FPC industry. 


Xinqiang Ma, Chairman of HGTECH, who said “It is necessary to innovate without any distractions” during the NPC and CPPCC this year. This product is a new equipment designed by HGLASER based on years of accumulated technical strength and customer needs. Help customers achieve production goals of reducing costs and increasing efficiency. This equipment has made another breakthrough in technology. It can cut 25um thick PI film, and the heat-affected zone is reduced to less than 15um, reaching the industry leading level, it has automatic/manual double loading and unloading modes, saving labor costs and improving the cutting efficiency; independent innovation and research and development of FPC special cutting. The software automatically recognizes and optimizes the path, and supports multiple requirements such as map processing and array processing. 


It is understood that the first product purchased by the customer is the company's nanosecond FPC laser cutting machine. The quality and service of the product have been highly recognized by the customer, which has also strengthened the confidence of the customer to cooperate again. After knowing the new needs of customers in this cooperation, the equipment design adopts ultraviolet picosecond laser, and reduces the heat-affected zone of parts through "cold" lithography, focuses the spot quality, and makes the processed surface more refined and smooth, which greatly reduces problem of carbonization black edge problem. In addition, it is equipped with an optical marble platform, a high-speed and high-precision linear motor and a vacuum aspiration system for accurate positioning and high processing stability and attached with modules of tension control and correction control to ensure normal rewinding and unwinding and avoid the deformation of the coil during processing. So as to ensure both speed and accuracy of processing.


The high density, light weight, and thin thickness of FPC materials make it one of the choices of 5G equipment, and the FPC industry undoubtedly have great development prospect. HGTECH will adhere to innovation-driven, closely follow industry trends and customer needs, further optimize similar products, equipped with intelligent systems, and work with customers and partners for a win-win development.

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