【Witness the giant leap of HGlaser】 Follow-up Regular Customers Report|GLF: HGlaser, partner in manufacuring


【Witness the giant leap of HGlaser】

2020 HGlaser is hitting the road on follow-up customers

Look into market

Visit a large amount of cooperation company with HGlaser

Narrate the stories about cooperation and struggling for goals.

Talk about the dreams of intelligent manufacturing future

First station, Wuhan Guanglianfa laser equipment co.Ltd., see what the particular story with HGlaser is.

One shot,Strength proves right choice

Wuhan Guanglianfa laser equipment co.Ltd.(short for GLF).It is an enterprise mainly engaged in the business of laser electromechanical equipment, structural parts processing, agricultural environmental protection equipment processing, and accessory processing. Because most of the processed parts are from overseas, they have higher requirements for processing consistency, processing accuracy and cross-sectional quality, so they are more strict about the selection for laser equipment.



In 2015,GLF comes to HGlaser for visit.They were shocked by the development level of domestic laser technology, and deeply impressed by the technological accumulation of HGlaser and the layout of the entire laser industry chain. As a leading brand in the domestic laser industry, HGlaser has always insisted on speaking with quality and won the trust and recognition of GLF, and the first order was done at same time.

Synchronization Updating Revolution

From the traditional processing methods of water cutting and plasma cutting to later switching to laser cutting equipment, the processing accuracy, work efficiency, cutting section and other aspects have been significantly improved, the way of  sheet metal production is changed a lot due to technology update and the development of the craft.



If the change in processing methods is a qualitative leap, then the addition of 4000W to 12000W is a huge change from work efficiency and accuracy to product coverage.


The manager of GLF, Cheif wang said demands in business  and thick plate cutting, GLF purchased an additional 12000W HG laser equipment on the basis of the original 4000W. The biggest benefit after the purchase is not only the cutting efficiency increased by 200% -300%, it can also realize the functions of air cutting, sharp corner cutting, thin-wall cutting, rapid perforation of thin plates, and small holes in thick plates, which can meet the requirements of different customers; at the same time, the cutting section is smoother, saving subsequent polishing time and reducing 20% of labor costs have been reduced, work efficiency has been greatly improved, and customers are also very satisfied with the processing results!

Stay together, achieve win-win goals with belief.

"Domestic laser technology and craftsmanship can already compete with foreign technologies on the same platform. I believe in the strength of China's manufacturing." In the manufacturing field for many years, the person in charge of GLF is very optimistic about China's laser market development prospects.


With the continuous expansion of the production scale of GLF, the procurement demands and processing requirements have also increased. While planning to purchase higher power equipment, GLF is also considering the development of more application fields such as  cutting and laser welding.


Samples process by customers on scene


GLF stated that the reason why it has been trusting HG laser for so many years, in addition to its stable equipment, HGlaser has always been around to actively respond, maintain equipment, and refine its technology. It will continue to explore and grow in the future to develop deeper cooperation with HG Laser. Continue to move forward hand together.


The pace of technological intelligence has never stopped

The laser market is still a hot cake in 2020

Take every opportunity of the times to pour forward

HGlaser guarantee quality and service to help each cooperative enterprise to achieve a win-win goal.


【Witness the giant leap of HGlaser】

2020 Follow-up Regular Customers Report

We are still on the way of keeping moving forward

Catch up with us

Witness the irreplaceable charming with HGlaser.


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