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International Electronics Circuit Exhibition (Shenzhen)


December 2nd 10:00 AM-5:30PM

December 3rd 09:00AM-5:30PM

December 4th 09:00AM-4:00PM


Add: Shenzhen Convention &Exhibition Center

Booth NO.1Y21


5G Brings more opportunities for PCB


The intensive spread of 5G base station construction means that PCBs, antennas, components, and pan-RF fields will usher great opportunities for change. The number of 5G base station constructions has maintained an upward trend, and the PCB market will grow its values from RMB 2.4 billion in 2019 to approximately RMB 12 billion in 2021. 2020 International Electronic Circuits Exhibition will focus on the development needs of communications and present an intelligent 5G future.


Nowadays , The output of electronic components of China  has accounted for nearly 39% of the world. PCB, as Mother of Electronic Components, is an important part of many products. At the same time, the construction of 5G base stations puts forward technical requirements for high frequency, high speed, and high data volume on PCBs. HGLaser catches the development trend of 5G, expands laser processing applications in the PCB industry and uses intelligent equipment to improve processing efficiency and accuracy, which contribute to  5G development.


HGLASER shows its attraction of intelligent manufacture


HGLASER will bring a variety of intelligent machines to the show, focusing on laser marking and laser cutting with new machines and new perspectives, and launching PCB laser processing models and full-process solutions. Replace labor with intelligent operation, and meet demand with precise processing.


FPC laser marking machines with double work stations


It is mainly used for marking panel codes and pcs codes on PCB/FPC including QR code, text, graphics and other information to be able to and help customers improve quality control capabilities.


·Bar codes, QR codes, characters, graphics, etc, with a reading rate of over 99.9%

·Flexible options: Single platform/dual platform configuration

·Good compatibility: It is suitable for marking the surface of various inks such as white oil, green oil and black oil on PCB/FPC boards with different laser heads.

· Self-inspection function: Self-inspection and re-code detection after code reading

· Automation: Automatic loading and unloading operations, docking data system automatically retrieve and upload data, reducing labor costs and operating errors


Carrier board laser marking machine


It is used for automatic identification and laser marking of scrap units on carrier boards, which facilitates efficient and accurate identification of subsequent processes, and improves the product yield and process efficiency.


· High-speed processing: Double-station operation

· Ease use: The plate turning mechanism supports double-sided processing of the product, no adjustment is required when changing materials, which improves production efficiency

· Automatic recognition of front-end process marks, and can also connect to the customer system to directly obtain the location information of the waste board

· Equipped with energy monitoring system to ensure the stability of product processing effect

· Efficient: Complete new program production within 20 minutes, quickly switch products.


Pico-second UV cutting machine 


It is suitable for FPC/RFPC manufacturers, through pico-second ultraviolet cutting FPC technology, realizes the unique functions of FPC and RFPC shape cutting and lid opening, applied for FPC/RFPC production R&D.


·  Art&Craft breakthrough:

    1) Take 25um thick PI film cutting as an example, HAZ<10um, to ensure no shortness

    2) FPC half-cut and the depth control can reach ±5um to ensure that the bottom line is not damaged 

· Intelligent system: Automatically recognize the bar code of work cards, import the material number to record valid data.

·  Fast cutting speed

·  With real-time monitoring of laser power

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