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HGTECH Shows On Electronica South China

Electronica South China started on November 3rd, 2020



With the theme of Boundless Laser Application, Intelligent Perspective


Future,HGLaser showed plastic welding performance and glass cutting machine on spot, and brought laser intelligent manufacturing solutions for 3C electronics, automotive, sheet metal and medical industry.


South China, as an important area for the development of China's communication, intelligence manufacturing, and industry, is transforming towards laser intelligent manufacturing. HGLaser communicated with customers warmly, seized market opportunities, and promote laser application in industries.

Introducing HGTECH machines

Details explaining to visitors

Details of sample tells the high level manufacturing


Operate laser plastic welding machine and fully automatic glass double-head punching machine on spot, and conduct technical exchanges with participants to make intelligent manufacturing solutions close to market demand and apply well.


Laser plastic welding machine


The machine can be widely used in auto parts, medical, electronic products etc. Weld transparent, white, black and other color plastics. The welding system independently developed by HGLaser makes the equipment more intelligent and reliable!

The surface of the welding seam is complete, and the internal components have no vibration damage, replacing hot plate welding and ultrasonic welding


High welding seam strength, good sealing, long life, replace glue bonding


Weld penetration depth can be controlled, and the collapse value can be feedback


Strong compatibility, customizable fixtures, airtight monitoring systems and automatic production lines, and can also be flexibly matched with customized product lines

Automatic glass double-head punching machine


Focus on the wide application of thin and brittle materials in the 3C industry, HGLaser has launched a faster, more accurate, and more effective automatic glass double-head punching machine, using the new picosecond process technology to meet the needs of punching in glass and sapphire.

New infrared picosecond process technology, good beam quality, small focusable spot, high power stability.


High-speed and high-precision linear motor and galvanometer system, fast drilling speed, high precision, no taper.


Marble base, stable optical system to ensure high-quality optical transmission.


Strong compatibility, strong ease of use, compatible with a variety of models and product size cutting, and realize one-click switching of multiple models.

HGLaser was invited to participate in The 2020 Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Laser Processing Application Market Summit on November 3rd. and delivered a wonderful speech on the laser application solutions for brittle materials in 3C electronics.

Laser is an important tool for 3C industry processing. HGLaser focuses on product performance and process based on years of process experience,to meet the needs of the 3C field, and is oriented towards punching, cutting removal, laser micro coding brittle materials such as glass cover and sapphire.HGLaser has launched a complete set of laser solutions and put forward unique insights into the development of 3C and 5G industries.

Meet market needs for laser process


Step forward to intelligent manufacturing


HGLASER keeps that way of intelligent manufacturing.

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