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Spotlights On The 17th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Expo| Innovation Is the Future of Intelligent Manufacturing

Innovation is the eternal melody of the times and the engine of the development of the digital future. From November 11th to 13th, HGTECH apperance at The 17th Optics Valley of China International Optoelectronic Expo with high-end equipment manufacturing, precision micro-nano processing, 5G and data center product solutions, etc. The Expo vividly interprets the infinite power of innovation.


On the morning of November 11th, Wenbing Zhang, Deputy Governor of Hubei Province Government, Tianyuan Nie, Deputy Secretary-General of Hubei Province Government, Yabo Hu, Member of the Standing Committee of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Executive Deputy Mayor, Xiangwang Wang , Member of the Standing Committee of the Wuhan Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Party Working Committee of Donghu High-tech Zone, and his entourage visited Huagong Technology At the booth, visit and learn about intelligent solutions based on laser processing technology and optical communications business. At the same time, many innovative products exhibited this year have also attracted media attention.

Solutions For One Package Service

In this exhibition, the optical communication business of HGTECH started from the new concept of "Optical connection + Wireless connection", integrated high-end resources, and exhibited a stop from 5G, data center optical modules to pico base stations, optical modems and other terminal products. It brings innovative applications and thinking to the intelligent era, and is committed to providing rich overall solutions for diversified application scenarios.


World Premiere of "Jueying" Pico Site

On NOV.11th, HGTECH released the first product of the "Jueying" series-Pico Site, which fits the latest application scenarios and conforms to the 5G development trend.

Since 5G uses a shorter wavelength band and weaker penetration capability, it is prone to the phenomenon of however you enter the building, the signal is not good, and the pico Site can perform operations on densely populated areas that the macro base station cannot accurately cover dead zone, strengthen network coverage in large venues, office parks and transportation hubs, improve the network experience of indoor users, and quickly and effectively solve the network coverage problem.


The product is not only flexible in installation, simple in construction, supports wall-mounted installation and pole-mounted installation, reducing construction costs, but also supports flexible splitting of communities, which can further increase network capacity.


Varieties of Application Solutions

As China open the era of digital economy, 5G and data centers have become important infrastructures for the development of thousands of industries, as well as important foundations for supporting new infrastructure.

New Upgrade of Optical Components

To catch up with professional cameras, mobile phone photography cannot do without optical zoom. Under the trend of thin and light mobile phones, the telescopic lens of SLR is not compatible, and the periscope camera came into being. The key role is the periscope prism, which changes the light, direction, precise refraction, achieves high-power optical zoom, so that mobile phones can also shoot great movies.

Explore New Opportunities of Intelligent Manufacture

Laser is in the "golden age" of development. High-power macro processing and precision micro-nano processing are developing rapidly at the same time. Huagong Technology is actively building a complete laser processing industry chain around core components, complete laser equipment and intelligent manufacturing.


High Popularity

At the exhibition site, a "big guy" attracted many people to stop and watch. This equipment is a BF series laser bevel cutting machine with a new generation of fiber laser bevel cutting technology, which fills the gap in the field of bevel cutting in the laser application field, and the equipment cutting accuracy It has increased by 10 times compared with the previous one, and its technical level has steadily ranked first in China.

The fully automatic glass double-head punching equipment displayed on site has increased 10 times the traditional processing efficiency. The minimum processing aperture can reach 0.1mm, which is close to the diameter of a hair strand. The 3D laser engraving machine can automatically focus to satisfy customized needs.

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