Innovation First 丨The first domestic high-power laser welding of oil coiled tube is built by HGTECH

A large domestic petroleum steel pipe factory was still brightly lit at 1 am . The high-alloy coiled tube pilot platform laser welding equipment built by HGTECH is undergoing trial production. The first domestic high-power continuous laser welding of petroleum pipes of 4000m will be completed here with production experiment.


High-alloy coiled tubing is one of the high-end tubing materials urgently needed in domestic oil and gas field exploration. The laser welding technology of duplex stainless steel used in it has yet to be broken in China, so that related products have long been relying on imports. Although it is the first time to enter the petroleum coiled tube high-power laser welding market, HGTECH is not frightened at all. HGTECH overcomes many problems such as large diameter, thickness, long-term, continuous high-power laser welding etc, and realizes the development of well welded pipelines system in the petroleum industry. It is the highest power of the equipment till now in China, providing a stronger guarantee for oil and gas field exploration and development.


Process debugging is the most critical part of the entire project implementation. If there is a problem in the last 1 meter, the entire steel pipe will be scrapped. Therefore, the equipment needs to ensure continuous and stable production for 24 hours. During the commissioning process, the surface of the weld was oxidized on the equipment. After repeated check and judgments by the process engineers, it was determined that the protection device did not match. The team quickly discussed solutions. The next night, they received new parts and components, which were efficient solved the problem. Since there is no technology to learn from at home and abroad, various problems that have been encountered all the time. The project team faces difficulties, deeply understands customer needs, follows strict construction standards, and completes process debugging with high quality.



True blue will never stain. In the trial production stage, after the equipment has been working continuously for 16 or 7 hours, the first set of high-alloy tubes was successfully completed, and then a series of strict quality inspections were required, including flattening test and expansion. Tests nd 8 hours of high-strength water pressure and other strength tests, as well as appearance damage and corrosion resistance and other 7 types of experimental testing, after repeated experimental testing, all the product indicators meet the standards, and the equipment successfully passed the acceptance.


Nowadays, the stainless steel pipe produced by the laser welding equipment of HGTECH has been successfully used in the oil field, and it has brought about nearly 10 million new orders .


Catfish effect brings good market, no matter how it will be, HGTECH put innovation at the first all the time.

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