HGTECH Product with Ultra-long Service Life! High quality + good service + time-tested, you deserve it

More than a month ago, HGLaser, a core subsidiary of HGTECH, issued the strongest convening order: to find those "The kings of super long running" that have been in service for more than ten years and have been running well so far.

As soon as it was sent out, the four parties sent a letter, and those equipments that have been working hard for more than ten years in the big river have responded! After our strict selection and careful selection, the "The King of Super Long Running" was born! Follow the laser king to approach this king team!



"Across 18 years, it can be revitalized with a little modification. Now products over 1.5 meters or even 5 meters can be cut, and it is even easier!"
HXF Saw CD.,LTD is mainly engaged in cutting and processing saw blade bodies, and has become the leader in the saw blade body industry. HXF has used laser equipment for saw blade production since 2002. At that time, the first choice was HGLaser Profile Plus.

Profile Plus is of great significance. It is the first laser equipment of HXF Saw CD. ,LTD and it is also the first high-power laser cutting machine that HGLaser has completed the Australian acquisition and localized technology.


In recent years, in order to meet the increasing processing needs of steel plate area, HGLaser has added a rotating work surface next to the equipment. The workshop worker said, "Products over 1.5 meters or even 5 meters can be cut, even more smoothly! Spectrum's after-sales service allows the old equipment to handle more processing scenarios!"
Customer likes Profile Plus


"Even after 18 years, it can still meet the current production requirements under the condition of system update."
In the 18 years that the shipyard has been cutting special marine steel plates and conventional steel plates, the Trident CNC plasma cutting machine has not only changed the original manual cutting processing mode, improved the cutting quality, but also has fewer failures. It is developed by HG Laser The computer system is continuously developed and updated to meet the needs of more intelligent processing.

"Later, we (the shipyard) successively purchased 9 sets of equipment from HGLaser. Not only did the production capacity increase significantly, we also have the ability to take orders for higher processing demands like luxury cruise ships and natural gas carriers."

"Although it is an old device, the "first meeting" in 2008 can be said to expand the company's business and change the development process."
Around 2008, Jiamusi Hengtai Rubber Products Co., Ltd. urgently needed to increase production capacity and enrich its product series in response to market development needs. After a multi-faceted evaluation, they believe that production tools and advanced manufacturing processes are vital to the development of the enterprise, and they focused their attention on the "laser."

In 2008, the company purchased the first Profile3015 laser cutting machine, and began processing overseas agricultural machinery products, expanding the factory area, and increasing production capacity. The Profile3015 laser cutting machine that is still in service today has played a key role in increasing profits.

In order to better meet the needs of agricultural machinery supporting sheet metal processing, Jiamusi Hengtai Rubber Products Co., Ltd. successively purchased two Profile 3015 laser cutting machines in 2010 and 2011, and purchased another HGLaser 6000W laser plane in April this year. Cutting Machine.


"The benefits of the first device are rapidly amplified, and the introduction of the second and third devices is not surprising."
Since 2008, this large auto parts manufacturer has joined hands with HGLaser to introduce laser technology to process auto parts, laying a solid equipment foundation for the innovation and development of the enterprise.

Automobile bumper online welding equipment is mainly used to process automobile door anti-collision beams and bumpers. Due to technological requirements, only laser welding can meet the performance requirements. It can be said that the laser welding equipment of HG Laser is a necessity for bumper welding. During the 12-year working hours, the HG Laser Automotive Bumper Online Welding Equipment has been operating on site for 24 hours. Nowadays, it can still operate normally except for the normal aging of the equipment.

The first purchase is choice, and the subsequent cooperation is trust. There are currently seven laser welding product lines serving customers on site, all of which are purchased from HGLaser welding equipment.


"It has been able to process materials to the extreme for more than ten years by processing oil mining equipment and materials!"
The same is the Profile3015 laser cutting machine, which is the "veteran" equipment for processing petroleum products in Chengdu Western Petroleum Equipment Co., Ltd. Its participation can be said to have brought the company's processing efficiency to the "China speed", and significantly improved the processing quality and efficiency of oil extraction products.

Over 11 years, despite the traces of the years, this still does not affect Profile3015's processing of high-quality workpieces. Huagong Laser is always by the customer's side, actively responding, maintaining equipment, improving technology, and speaking with the stability of equipment.


"The most direct reason for choosing the CNC laser cutting machine of Huagong Laser is that it was an indispensable tool for improving production efficiency at the time!"

Contour DM3015 CNC laser cutting machine is mainly used to process machine tool shells, including CNC machine tools and CNC milling machines. In the course of ten years of operation, the equipment has basically made no mistakes.

With the changes in production requirements and processing standards, HG Laser actively provides after-sales and equipment upgrading services, replacing carbon dioxide lasers with the most advanced fiber lasers to improve product quality and processing stability.

HG Laser's equipment has good performance, which brings stable income to the company and brings more business needs. In order to further meet the demand and trust in HG’s laser products, the company plans to buy another more powerful device to increase production capacity.

"There are full-time personnel permanently stationed in the company (a large auto parts manufacturer) for after-sales service, and 24 hours to solve customer equipment problems, this service attitude is trustworthy!"
This large auto parts manufacturer mainly produces car seat slide rails and angle adjusters. Before 2010, the company had been using arc welding processing methods, but the amount of arc welding processing deformation was large, which easily caused deformation of the workpiece. Laser welding became the company Direction to try.

In 2010, the company purchased the first online welding equipment for car seats. Laser welding has high efficiency, small deformation, higher strength than arc welding, double natural production capacity, and greatly improved quality.

This is the first cooperation between HGLaser and the manufacturer. In the ten years from 2010 to 2020, more than 30 sets of HGLaser have been purchased.

Long-term win-win cooperation and professional and reliable services are inseparable. In 2015, the auto parts manufacturer was in a period of rapid development. Coupled with the “non-stop production” feature of the auto industry, HGLaser sent full-time personnel to the customer site to provide after-sales service, solve customer equipment problems 24 hours a day, and ensure production , Enhance the service experience.


"Durable and durable, stable and reliable", when interviewing the customers of these seven old equipment, they all expressed:
Products for deal
Trust for promise
Both are the components of win-win


What is introduced in the article is only a microcosm of the "The King of Super Long Running", and there are many "legacy beads" scattered at home and abroad that are operating stably.

In 10 years, 12 years, and 18 years, HG Laser’s "The King of Super Long Running" has become a legend.

In the future, HGLaser will continue to move forward hand in hand with customers and launch more "rising stars" to continue to write stories about win-win results.


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