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Second Foundation-stone Stage Laying Ceremony of HGTECH Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park


On December 8, the foundation-stone laying ceremony of the second stage construction of HGTECH Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park was held in Optics Valley Future City. Deputy director of the East Lake High-tech Zone Management Committee, Zhiping Song, Deputy director of the Future City Construction Management Office, Huafen Chen, and HGTECH Party Committee Secretary, Director President, Xinqiang Ma and Vice President Wen Xiong attended the foundation-stone laying ceremony.



Chairman Xinqiang Ma said that intelligent and digital informatization transformation has been leading HGTECH to get great opportunities for development and the second stage construction of the Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park has been started. Based on  industrialization of precision laser micro-nano processing technology, accumulation of innovative resources, technology and knowledge spillover, and the transformation of scientific and technological achievements will be fully utilized to realize the end-to-end digital integration of R&D, manufacturing, and service, and create a new intelligent manufacturing system, which greatly support the strategic industry for downstream new display panels, new energy power batteries, printed circuit boards, semiconductors and etc, and create a first-class domestic and global influential "laser + intelligent manufacturing" industrial incubator.



Laser micro-nano processing has the features of large size, high precision and high efficiency, making it promising in the fields of new display panels, 3C electronics, 5G communications, and new energy vehicles. It will become an important direction for the development of laser processing in the future. In the third quarter of this year, the global display panel market grew by 21% compared to the previous quarter. The demand for full-screen, 8k high-resolution screens, curved screens, and folding screens has been increasing. Precision micro-nano processing will expand on the basis of cutting OLED flexible screens. For a broad market space; in the automotive industry, precision micro-nano processing can not only access to application scenarios of 5G car networking, but also will play a role in processing processes such as tab cutting and isolation film cutting to improve the power density and processing of new energy vehicle batteries Accuracy: In the communications industry, in order to meet the needs of 5G communications, micro-nano laser has been widely applied to high-frequency and low-loss materials in the signal transmission layer.Highly integrated and thinner mobile phone terminals has became a trend, and micro-nano laser will take the advantages in new materials and high-precision requirements. Therefore, the establishment of a domestic first-class, world-influential precision laser intelligent manufacturing technology and equipment industrialization incubator will effectively promote the development of new domestic industries.


The first foundation-stone stage of Intelligent Manufacturing Industrial Park was put into use in November 2019. After the completion of the second stage, it will further accelerate the integration speed of domestic high-end laser precision processing technology with international standards, build a new intelligent manufacturing system, and promote the construction of Optical Core Screen Terminal Network with trillion-level industrial clusters.

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